Deadline for $35 million settlement over Apple iPhone 7 issues come closer: apple iphone settlement claim form

Deadline for million settlement over Apple iPhone 7 issues come closer: apple iphone settlement claim form

apple settlement 2024

The deadline to join or get a $35 million settlement related to audio issues for Apples iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is come closer.

apple iphone 7 lawsuit

The settlement comes from 2019 lawsuit from De Jhontai Banska and Joseph Casillas who claimed they start facing problems the year after buying iPhone 7 devices in 2017.

In the settlement claim Apple denies any wrongdoing and that any devices had those issues.

iphone 7 lawsuit

The settlement was reached with Apple in class action lawsuit alleging that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus experience audio issues related to audio IC Chip according to settlement website.

How much can you get from the iPhone 7 settlement?

Person who paid for repairs can get maximum of $349 and person who report the issue but did not pay for repair can get up to $125.

The minimum pay for eligible claim is $50.

Who is eligible for part of the settlement?

You can be included in settlement and get payment if you owned an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus between Sept. 16, 2016 and Jan.3, 2023.

Apple issue a complained covered by the settlement or paid Apple for repair or replacement covered by the settlement.

When is the deadline to submit a claim?

The deadline to submit a claim is June 3 and you can do through settlement website

apple iphone settlement claim form

iphone 7 settlement claim from download from this website

The two party reached an agreement that Apple would pay $35 million as settlement to avoid further costs.

Apple has sent out email notices or postcards to iPhone user who qualify. Customers can call 1-833-633-0343 or write to Tabak v Apple Class Action Administrator, 1650 Arch St Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Qualified users will need notice ID and confirmation code from Apple. Once they get information they can enter it on settlement portal under select payment or they can sen info by mail.



AT&T reset accounts passcodes after 73 millions of customers records leak online on Dark Web

AT&T reset accounts passcodes after 73 millions of customers records leak online on Dark Web

Phone giant AT&T has reset millions of consumer account passcodes after mega cache of data consisting AT&T consumer records was leaked online earlier this month.

The U.S. telco giant started passcode mass reset after TechCrunch informed AT&T on Monday that the leaked data contained encrypted passcodes that could be used to get AT&T customer accounts.

AT&T released statement ” AT&T has launched a robust investigation supported by internal and external cybersecurity experts. Based on preliminary analysis, the data set appears to be from 2019 or earlier, impacting almost 7.6 million current AT&T account holders and approximately 65.4 million former account holders”

“AT&T does not have evidence of unauthorize access to its systems resulting in exfiltration of data set ”

TechCruch held the publication of this story until AT&T could start resetting consumer account passcodes. At&T has post on what customers can do to keep their accounts secure.

AT&T consumer account passcodes are typically 4 digit numbers that are used as extra layer of security when reaching a customer account such as calling AT&T customer service in retail stores and online

In 2021 the hacker claiming the AT&T brach posted only small sample of records making it harder to check if data was authentic. Earlier in March data seller published the full 73 million alleged AT&T records online on a famous cybercrime forum permitting for detailed analysis of leaked records.

AT&T consumers have confirmed that their leaked account data is accurate.

The leaked data consist of AT&T customer names, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

Croley explain it was not necessary to crack the encryption cypher to unscramble the passcode data.

AT&T said it will contact all of the 7.6 million existing consumers who passcodes it reset as well as current and former consumers whose personal information was compromised.

Croley took all encrypted passcodes from 73 million data set and removed every duplicate. That result to 10,000 unique encrypted values which correlated to 4 digit passcode permutation ranging from 000 to 9999 with few outliers for small number of AT&T consumers with account passcodes longer than 4 digits.

By correlating encrypting account passcodes to surrounding account data like consumer dates of birth house numbers partial Social Secuirty number and phone numbers.

Croley as able to reverse engineer which encrypted values matched which plaintext passcode.

According to Croley the less randomness of encrypted data means its possible to guess the consumer 4 digit account passcode based on surrounding information in leaked data set.

It is not uncommon for people to set passcodes if limited to 4 digits that mean something to them. That is last 4 digit of Social Security number or person phone number the year of someone birth or even four digit of house number.

All this surrounding data is found in every record in leaked data set.



Why Apple Use the USB-C Port on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15

Apple has ultimately detached its Lightning port and use USB-C port. Does this step benefit users lets find out.

The USB-C brings new features to iPhone.Some users are very sad their accessory collection and lightning cable is finished. Here are some benefits of USB-C on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

Shoot video Directly to External Storage

You can record video directly to an external storage device plugged into the USB-C Port with iPhone 15 Pro.This is helpful when you shooting lengthy videos and don’t care about iPhone storage limitation.You do not need to transfer the video files from iPhone for editing on a computer using advance tools.You can shoot cinematic mode videos or 4K/60FPS mode on iPhone.

Speed up Data Transfer

A USB-C Cable will permit you to transfer data at 10Gbps when connected to a PC or Mac. External drives show in Fileapp so you can easily get and transfer your documents, media files.

Charge Other Devices

Various mobile phones,laptops, Macbook, cameras, tablets use USB-C to charge. With USB-C Cable Apple innovate to charge Airpods, Apple Watch, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15.The USB-C port on the i Phone 15 can charge other instruments that support USB Power Delivery. iPhone 15 only assist charging other instruments at 4.5 watts it will drain your iPhone 15 battery.

Connect to High Resolution Displays

With USB-C Port you can now connect to iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 to a monitor.USB-C port uses Display Port technology for video/audio output you can connect it to 4K HDR monitor with just a USB-C Cable. You can use Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport adaptor to connect with an HDMI Cable.

USB-C port perform various task for iPhone. It is a great revolutionary step of iPhone series.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs iPhone 15 Pro: Which is Better?

Galaxy Z Flip 5 and iPhone 15 are available at same price but both have different features.Galaxy Z flip 5 is fifth generation flip phone is available at $999.The iPhone 15 is superb phone from apple and has marvelous improvement from its predecessor which changed the face of iPhone.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Main Screen 6.7 Inch Cover Screen: 3.4 Inch 1200 nits peak brightness Super AMOLED Display 60Hz refresh rate 748×720 resolution 120 Hz refresh rate Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X display

Iphone 15 Pro

6.1 Inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, 120Hz Pro Motion: 1179×2556 resolution 461 PPI 2000 nits peak brightness

Both phone have an LTPO panel and can dial down the refresh rate from 120Hz to 1HZ depend on usage to save battery life.Flip 5 has huge screen of 6.7 Inch and iPhone 15 has only 6.1 Inch


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

15 W Wireless charging, 4.5W reverse wireless charging 25W wired and 3700mAh

iPhone 15 Pro

20W Wired, 15W MagSafe wireless charging 7.5W with Qi wirelss charging

iphone 15 Pro has smaller3274mAh cell offer super battery life than 3700mAh cell on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Flip5 has reverse wireless charging which you can use you charge your smartwatch via your phone.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

8GB RAM, 512GB/256GB Storage

iPhone 15 Pro

1 TB Storage/ 512 GB/256 GB/128GB/8 GB RAM

Flip 5 only get two storage variants 256 GB and 512 GB. iPhone 15 Pro start with 128 GB of internal storage. Both phone have 8GB of RAM. iPhone iOS has superb RAM Management you can switch rapidly between the apps.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Folded: 85.1×71.9×15.1mm and unfolded 165.1×71.9×6.9mm IPX8 water resistant and 187 grams

iPhone 15 Pro

187 grams, 146.6×70.6×8.25mm, IP68 dust and water resistant

Galaxy Z Flip is is longer. Iphone pro 15 is narrower and thicker than Flip 5. iphone has dust and water resistance


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

12 MP f/ 1.8 Primary, OIS, 4K Video at 60fps, 12MP f/ 2.2 Ultra Wide Front: 1oMP f/ 2.2, 4K video at 30fps

iPhone 15 Pro

48 MP f/ 1.8 primary 4K video at 60fps, 3x Optical Zoom marco photography 12MP f/ 2.8 telephoto

The iPhone 15 Pro has a 48MP main sensor it take higher resolution it has 12 MP telephoto lens.

My final verdict is the iphone 15 pro has greater feature than Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.


The 8 Key Differences Between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the superb iPhone you can purchase in 2023 but you might be thinking its worth an upgrade over the iPhone 14 Pro Max.At first look iPhone 15 Pro Max does not look like a great upgrade over its predecessor.

8 GB of RAM

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with 8 GB RAM. iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with 6 GB RAM. 6GB is enough RAM for iphone due to iOS is at RAM Management. Additional RAM means you can play high GB games on it.

USB-C Port for Data Transfer and Charging

USB-C is better than lightning ports and thanks to the EU USB-C ruling the entire iPhone 15 lineup has finally moved to it. iPhone 14 Pro Max is limited to data transfer speed of only 480Mbps (USB 2) iPhone 15 Pro Max can push data at 10Gbps.

Action Button

The iPhone 15 Pro Max attached a new action button replacing the Silent/Ring switch found on predecessor iPhone.By default action button perform to mute or unmute your iPhone.You can customize the action button to perform a special action.

256 GB of Base Storage

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in three storage variant 1TB, 512GB and 256GB.This is helpful in ProRes videos, downloading large games high Res 48MP photos. iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with 128GB variant.

5x Telephoto Camera

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only iPhone with a new 5x periscope style telephoto camera.The extended zoom range get cleaner photos of away subjects.iPhone 14 Pro Max has to depend on digital zoom to shoot past its 3x comparison.

AI7 Pro Chip

The iPhone 15 Pro Max gets a new A17 Proc Chip which 10 time rapid and great in efficiency than the previous version. iPhone 14 Pro Max uses use A16 Bionic on the iPhone.

Titanium Frame with Thinner Bezels

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has the durable body and the thinner bezel on any iPhone.It has new 5 Grade titanium frame. It has higher melting point, more resistance to corrosion lighter and stronger.

Smaller in Size

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is slightly shorter and narrower measuring 15.9×76.7×8.3mm and compared to its previous version 160.7×77.6×7.9 mm.

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