Nicki Minaj fans left anger as gig is axed after arrest:why did nicki minaj get arrested?is weed legal in amsterdam?what are soft drugs?is marijuana legal in amsterdam 2024?is weed legal in amsterdam for foreigners

Nicki Minaj fans left anger as gig is axed after arrest:why did nicki minaj get arrested?is weed legal in amsterdam?what are soft drugs?is marijuana legal in amsterdam 2024?is weed legal in amsterdam for foreigners

Nicki Minaj fans were fume after The American rappers gig at Manchester’s Co-op Live arena was postponed at last hour following her arrest at Amsterdam’s Schilphol Airport.

nicki minaj arrested in amsterdam on suspicion of exporting soft drugs before being fined and permitted to continue her travel. Dutch police told media.

Fans were permitted into arena at 19:00 BST and were hopeful that gig would reach right up until the declaration about called off which came after 21:30 BST around time she had been expected to come on stage.

nicki minaj did not make it to Manchester in time for her concert on Saturday which was called off as 20,000 fans were in arena waiting for her to take the stage.

There were some boos in Manchester arena before everyone filed out.

Minaj filmed part of her arrest posting it to social media on Saturday.

In video a police officer seemingly be heard explaining her “You are under arrest” She was seen telling him she was not carrying drugs.

nicki minaj in amsterdam posted a series of text on X. ” They took my luggage without consent.” she wrote in one.

She said “This is Amsterdam btw where weed is legal”.

In a statement promoters Live Nation added “Nicki Minaj scheduled performance at Manchester Co-op Live on Saturday 25 May has been postponed.”

Tickers will remain valid for rescheduled performance which will be declared as soon as possible.

Minaj is due to continue her tour in Birmingham on Sunday visit London and Glasgow before 2nd schedule date in Manchester on Thursday.

On social media Minaj said she was in jail cell for between five and 6 hours and finally reached at her hotel in Manchester around midnight.

She said she hoped to declare a rescheduled date on Sunday promising an added bonus for those with a ticket.

“They succeeded at their plan to not let me get on stage tonight”. She wrote on X

Please pleas pleas accept my deepest and most sincere apologies.

“They sure did know exactly how to hurt me today but this too shall pass”

“They have doing this over&over&over&over again & I have tried so hard to not it because you guys deserve to just get good stuff. I hate involving you in anything that is not for entertainment purpose only”

Co-op Live should have bit more transparent and told us bit sooner. People have booked days off work they have bought tickets .


‘South Park: The End of Obesity’:when does the new south park special come out? where to watch new south park movie? south park end of obesity release date

‘South Park: The End of Obesity’:when does the new south park special come out? where to watch new south park movie? south park end of obesity release date

Ozempic the weight loss medicine has take over Hollywood recent past, is at center of South Park streaming special now streaming on Paramount +.

In the teaser, Catman laments his size in mirror while his companions run lab experiments in lab coats and goggles, preparing him to take medicines.

We have born out navigating the American healthcare systems Butter adds ” I almost died”.

“South Park: The End of Obesity” is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios.”South Parl” is co created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker who serve as executive producers along Frank C and Anne Garefino Angone II.

Vernon Chatman, Bruce Howell, Adrien Beard , Eric Stough are producers.

“South Park” first debuted on Comedy central in 1997 and has been renewed throuh 2027. The renewal will take show through its 30th season on air.

Episodes of “South Park” can be watched on Comedy Central,Amazon Prime Max Channel and Max.

In “South Park: “The End of Obesity” the weight loss drug is central point.

When overweight foul mouthed Eric Cartman is denied reach to medicine he recruits, Kenny, Butters and Kyle Stan for help.

Paramount+ has released 6 other streaming events: ” South Park: Post CoviD” “South Park: The Streaming Wars” “South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2”

All 6 specials are available to stream on Paramout+.


From Bridgerton to Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes is brilliant in Romance:who wrote bridgerton:bridgerton cast season 3:is this the last season of grey’s anatomy?shonda rhimes boyfriend

From Bridgerton to Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes is brilliant in Romance:who wrote bridgerton:bridgerton cast season 3:is this the last season of grey’s anatomy?shonda rhimes boyfriend

TV producer and screenwriter Shonda Rhimes making history since being a scriptwriter of the 2002 movie Corssroads.

Rhimes know romance as technical art shape.

She show us love does not always exist between 2 person. It also exist between people and passion and in way they view themselves.

Her production company Shondaland now gives blockbuster romance shows with Bridgerton.

With season three going on Netflix Shondaland make another mega hit surely.

In Bridgerton fans have waited with bated breath for Colin and Penelope union. Will their relation reach it climax in season three? Rhimes ability to carry such story lines is what keep us coming back.

First telecast in 2005 Rhimes start primetime TV series Grey Anatomy into soap opera elements of drama and romance.

Bridgerton spinoff Queen Charlotte also delivers shows backstory in a way it as having no end and no set starting.

In any Shondaland series there are various masterplots taking place at same time. These are various at different milestones and staggered across the season.

Bridgerton time setting assists enhance tribulations faced by characters.

It adds escapism while showing all familiar relationship problems.

In Shondaland a romance story can be superseded by tribulations and trials of lady career and her journey of self fulfilment.

The joy of escapism fold into viewing women progress in own right alongside expectation of happy ending.

One method to put fans in characters mind is through the song and Rhimes does this brilliantly.

Bridgerton excellent in using music in time setting by incorporating classical covers of chart topping hits.

These musics are carefully place to assist communicate characters feelings.

Last season fans have known Alanis Morrisette You Oughta Know, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball and Madonna Material Girl.

Season 3 will bring new lineup of covers including Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever. BTS Dynamite, Sia Cheap Thrills and Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey Snow On The Beach.



jeremy renner accident details:what happened to jeremy renner:how is jeremy renner?

jeremy renner accident details:what happened to jeremy renner:how is jeremy renner?

Avengers actor to make a brilliant comeback to fictional world with Mayor of Kingstown season 3.

In interview with ET Kevin Frazier Renner expressed gratitude for Ava’s support statin ” All I have to do is get better for her”

He stressed transformative impact of bond noting that Ava uprised as ” much stronger young woman” through experience.

Renner attributed his development to his 11 year old daughter, Ava showing her as “life force” and driving force behind recovery.

Renner famous for his role in “Mayor of Kingstown” made a huge comeback to end carpet in April joined by Ava who played a key role in rehabilitation journey.

The actor serious injuries in the accident including broken ribs, limbs and collapsed lung, more than 30 fractures.

Renner journey serves as testament to power of familial help and determination overcoming difficult situation.

Renner remains optimistic, aiming to inspire others facing similar stress with his story of hope and resilience.

Renner stressed the importance of preservance and metal fortitude. He showed his relationship with pain and proactive approach to physical discomfort.

Despite the hard recovery process. Renner remained determined documented by gradual come back to physical activity and commitment to spending quality time with Ava.

Reflecting on his hospitalization. Renner expressed the importance of their bond and shared moments of growth, including attending school events and filming Super Bowl commercial.

Renner collaboration with Brooks promoting their ” Let us Run There” campaign showing his resilience and desire to inspire other through adversity.


Bachelor Alum Ryan Sutter expresses on Instagram about wife Trista’s absence: ‘We are doing great’ ryan and trista separation

Bachelor Alum Ryan Sutter expresses on Instagram about wife Trista’s absence: ‘We are doing great’ ryan and trista separation

Former reality TV actor provides news on relationship separation with wife.

In an Instagram post on Saturday May 18 black and white outdoor image of himself. ryan sutter shared news about their current situation.

trista and ryan public appearance together was in January at the Golden Bachelor wedding of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.

ryan and trista separation

Showing his love for Trista, Ryan acknowledged missing her presence and chance to connect with her.

This emotional messages comes shortly after Ryan shared another message on Instagram showing his desire to speak with Tristan and hear her voice.

The pair who met on inaugural season of The Bachelorette in 2003 and tied to knot that year end. ryan and trista now celebrated 20th wedding anniversary.

trista and ryan sutter kids

They share two kid Maxwell 16 and Blakesley 14.

what happened to trista sutter

Ryan did not share Trista’s whereabout, he emphasized that his posts were not mean to deceive or mislead anyone. Rather to express his genuine feelings.

ryan sutter news

Ryan latest Instagram news come after series of posts for Mother’s Day during which he showed admiration for Trista and acknowledged her absence on special day. Trista commented on one of posts with emojis.

Trista is fine. “We are fine We are great” wrote Ryan in post. He added that trista is in phase of self discovery and has taken chance that requires her to be temporarily inaccessible to their family.

who is the golden bachelorette

ABC announces Joan Vassos the first leading lady of The Golden Bachelorette.

when does golden bachelorette start

The Golden Bachelorette is slotted for Wednesdays at 8 pm EDT on ABC.5

who’s the next golden bachelorette

Vassos who is 61 years old was contest on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor in the fall.

how old is the new bachelorette

Vassos is 61 years old

which bachelor couples are still together

Trista and Ryan are still together



Jake Gyllenhaal Sings Boyz II Men in ‘SNL’ Season 49 Finale: saturday night live musical guest

Jake Gyllenhaal Sings Boyz II Men in ‘SNL’ Season 49 Finale: saturday night live musical guest

Jake Gyllenhaal decided to show his singing talent during the Season 49 finale of Saturday Night Live. The actors start serendaring the audience with a rendition of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” During the ballad Gyllenhaal change up the lyrics.

snl music guest tonight

The sing along monologue featured appearances from cast member Kenan Thompson, Devon Walker, Punkie Johnson and Ego Nowdim who were dressed in R&B boy group signature sweater and baseball cap.

saturday night live musical guest

Gyllenhaal is making third appearance on Saturday Night Live. The actor appeared on comedy sketch show in 2007 and latest come on stage in 2022. Fans will likely recall actor most memorable sketch was parody of beloved HGTV show “Property Brothers called Dream Home Cousins.

Gyllenhaal jokingly expressed that he wished he was hosting 50th season finale instead of 49th. He added that MMA fighter Conor McGregor punching him on set of his recent Prime Video film “Roadhouse”.

snl season 50 can jake gyllenhaal sing

Gyllenhaal’s latest movie Prime Video “Road House” premiered in March. It is remake of 1989 film of same name and follows a troubled former UFC fighter who takes a role as bouncer in Florida Keys roadhouse. Yes jake gyllenhaal sing.

The Brokeback Mountain star latest film is upcoming AppleTV+series Presumed Innocent. The 7 episode limited series is based on Scott Turow New York Times bestselling novel of same name.

Harrison Ford also appeared in movie version back in 1990.”Presumed Innocent follows chief deputy prosecutor Rusty Sabich who is dealing with murder that upend the Chicago Prosecuting Attorney office.

Ruth Negga, Bill Camp and O-T Fagbenle star in series. It will start on June 12.

jake gyllenhaal sabrina carpenter snl season finale

After unprecedented season following double strikes of 2023, Gyllenhaal and musical guest Sabrina Carpenter have closed out Season 49 of “SNL”.

sabrina carpenter birthday cake

Sabrina Carpenter achieve so much this year. Her first “Billboard top ten hit her entree into milieu of sexy Irishmen and dating Leornado DiCaprio.She turned 25 this weekend and celebrated with cake printed with infamous meme Leo’s preferred girlfriend age.

saturday night live maya rudolph mother

Maya Rudolpj born in Gainesville, Florida raised in Los Angeles. She is daughter of singer Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph.

saturday night live maya rudolph teacher

A group of teachers Maya Rudolph, Andrew Dismukes, Ego Nwodim, Punkie Johnson James Austin Johnson deliver an end of year public service announcement.

snl teacher skit may 11, 2024



Disney on Ice to bring new show to Sheffield this Christmas how to get tickets full detail

Disney on Ice to bring new show to Sheffield this Christmas how to get tickets full detail

Mickey Mouse and the group will be bringing Disney On Ice to Sheffield this Christmas.

Excitement come as Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and guest all ages embark on interactive and memory rich thrill to iconic Disney destinations.

View the globe from rooftops of London with Mary Poppins and Jack and band of dancing lamplighters.

Disney On Ice new show will be moving to Sheffield this year.

Disney On Ice shows Road Trip Adventures skates into Utilita Arena Sheffield in December and prove to be Christmas treat.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday.

UK tour part of production you can enjoy family fun at Disney at the Sheffield venue between Wednesday December 18 until Sunday December 22.

you can purchase tickets from Ticketmaster and venue website.

Hit the road with Micky Mouse for a high octane ride in Disney On Ice presents Road Trip Adventures experiencing the Disney and Pixar adventures of Mary Poppins Returns, Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Aladdin, Moana and Frozen all in one ice show.

Supporting cast of Disney On Ice presents Road Trip Adventures is team of choreographers and set designers who create 275 costumes and 103 props.

It is all transported in 17 trucks from city to city almost 14 hours to set up.




Kristen Welker and Husband John Hughes Expecting Second Baby An Extraordinary moment

Kristen Welker and Husband John Hughes Expecting Second Baby An Extraordinary moment

Welker host of NBC Meet the Press welcomed her first baby daughter Margot through surrogate in June 2021.

Welker welcome her 2nd baby she and her husband John Hughes have baby boy due via surrogate.

Welker and her husband became first time parents in June 2021 when they welcomed daughter Margot Lane via surrogate.

Welker working to raise awareness about fertility treatments on wider scale noting that treatments are out of reach for so many people.

She and her husband struggle with infertility for 3 years before pursuing surrogacy a process that filled her with uncertainty first time around.

Welker continues “But now that she is here we are 2 peas in pod. We bonded immediately. She looked up at me, I looked down at her and told her that I love her more than entire globe and all fears I had immediately disappeared.”

” I really have been able to enjoy this second surrogacy journey.

“This experience has been very different”.

Over the holiday the pair told Margot she would soon be mega sister news that delighted the little girl. Welker says.

Welker says she and her husband were initially nervous to tell Margot about new baby gifting her a book that explained the news in term she could understand.

“Margot has been telling her classfellows that Mother and Papa are getting her baby brother for her birthday Welker says with smile.

“She is very proud of fact that her baby brother will be sleeping in her old crib and she even come up with name for him.”

The book explained that she was going to be mega sister took pair of weeks to get through. She has just been so excited and we are thrilled about that .She’ll says things like. Baby brother coming tonight.

Welker says she was first hesitant to speak out publicly about infertility fearing negative response.

She got an outpouring of support along dozens of text from those fighting infertility themselves.

Welker has spoken publicly about her struggles with infertility penning a letter to Margot before her birth in 2021 which was published by today.

When you did not arrive at first we worried something might be wrong. Welker wrote in letter.

“So we went to doctor to asked for help. She was so smart and explained that I might need some help to bring you here”

Welker added ” The response was overwhelming”. ” It brought me to tears I can not tell you how many people reached out to say. ” I am struggling with infertility.


How Many Children Does Maya Rudolph Have? SNL Host’s Family with Director Paul Thomas Anderson

Here is everything to know about SNL Host Maya Rudolph kids and her popular director partner of more than 20 years.

Maya Rudolph a famous Saturday Night Live host has 20 year movie and TV career making audiences laugh with her impression of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and original characters.

She has relationship with director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Glimpse on Maya Rudolph and her career

Born in Gainesville, Florida and raised in Los Angeles, Maya Rudolph is daughter of singer Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph.

Rudolph became a cast member on NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live SNL.

She appeared in supporting roles in films 50 First Dates 2004. Idiocracy 2006 and A Prairie Home Companion 2006.

Leaving SNL in 2007 Rudolph appeared in Bridesmaids 2011, Grown ups 2010, Sisters 2015, Inherent Vice 2014, Life of Party 2018 and Disenchanted 2022.

She provided voice acting for animated films Shrek The Third 2007 The Angry Birds Movie 2016, The Emoji Movie 2017 and Luca 2021.

Rudolph has production company called Animal Pictures with Natasha Lyonne which produced Russian Doll, Poker Face, Loot and animated series The Hospital.

For her role as Kamala Harris on SNL Rudolph wob Primetime Emmy Award for Guest Actress in Comedy Series.

She get 3 Primetime Emmy Award nominations for playing Judge in comedy series The Good Place 2018-2020.

Rudolph starred in NBC sitcom Up All Night 2011 -2012 and co hosted various show Maya & Marty 2016. She has voice various characters for animated sitcom Big Mouth including Connie the Hormone Monstress which won 3 Primetime Emmy Awards.

How many children does Maya Rudolph have?

Maya Rudolph shares 4 children with director Paul Thomas Anderson. Their first child Peal Anderson daughter was born in 2005

Rudolph left SNL two years later and moved the Los Angeles full time where the pair welcomed three more children.

Lucille was born in 2009 and Jack in 2011. Their 4th child Minnie was born in 2013. She was named after Maya mother Minnie Riperton.

Anderson and Rudolph have kept their kids out of spotlight. She called her children the biggest Disney fans and also open up that she is cultivating their interest in classic movies.

Glimpse about Maya Rudolph and Thomas Anderson’s relationship

Maya Rudolph has been in a relationship with filmmaker Pauls Thomas Anderson since 2001 and pair has SNL to thank for bringing them together.

They never married each other Rudolph is happy to call Anderson her husband. “People know that means.It mean he is the father of my child and I live with him and we are couple and we are not going anywhere.


Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra reacts to “Disappointing”decision from Carly Adoptive Parents

The Teen Mom alum came to defense of his wife Catelynn Lowell after she get backlash for sharing sentimental text about not being able to visit their daughter Carly 14 who they gave up for adoption in 2009 on MTV 16 and Pregnant.

Tyle who shares daughter Novalle 9 Vaeda 5 and Rya 2 with Catelynn went on to note that despite a mutually agreed upon plan to visit Carly every year the pair have been denied chance multiple times and frustration over the situation is nothing new or foreign.

That choice does come without a natural human cost Tyle said on Instagram Story May 10.

” Most will never know pain of what it takes to flight against most powerful biological and instinctual nature that required to make that choice. Most will never know what it is like to grow, nurture, love and carry such beautiful perfect inoccent like your own baby only to painfully relinquish that natural bond to another to do what you know you cant for sake of our baby.

“Her expressing that pain on those particular day when she is vulnerable sad and at a loss should not be used as attack against her character. Tyler argued.

All I ask of you is to just please be kind.”

Catelynn may not have got the support she desired from internet during these hard time but she can count on Tyler to be there for her.

“Our relationship I feel like we are always strong” the 32 year old told ” I think that we go through bumps and it makes you stronger as couple too but we are in a good place”

“There is nothing we have done on our personal live that has influenced this decision he added But at end of day Brand and Teresa are her Parents. They are only one who have authority to make decisions.”

Tyler acknowledge that are not entitled to see their daughter after selecting to give her up for adoption. Tyler called on others to recognize that rejection is still disappointing.

The reality star’s defense arrives hours after Catelynn re-shared a cryptic message reacting to the idea that “adoption is a beautiful thing.”

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