Microsoft AI says the latest outlook is worse than Mail & Calendar on Windows 11

The Microsoft Store recommends using Calendar & Mail over new Outlook in its AI generated theme of email app reviews.

The new Outlook is set to replace Mail & Calendar on Windows 11 has get criticism on its performance, design and feature set.

The AI generated summary of new Outlook in Microsoft Store harshly criticize the email app.

The Microsoft store started including AI generated summaries of app reviews in July 2023.

The new Outlook lacks the unified inbox image in Mail&Calendar. It performs worse than its predecessor and takes up extra RAM when it use.

Microsoft pushes new Outlook on users and automatically pins the app to every Windows 11 PCs start menu.

The new Outlook has prove controversial since its start and its not Microsoft reviewers that have negative things to say about app.

The Microsoft Store has few criticism for new Outlook. The store listing for Mail & Calendar which will be change by new Outlook this year lists an AI generated summary criticizing the email app.

The text is based on reviews from everyday users and does not paint a good picture of new Outlook.

AI generated summary was highlight on Reddit by ceoadlw. The new Outlook will replace the Mail & Calendar app this year.

User highly recommend the Mail and Calendar app over new Outlook due its ease of use and lack of ads.

They appreciate the app ability to handle various accounts and create custom images.

Microsoft will not discontinue the app and permit offline access.

Microsoft rolled out AI powered summaries within the Microsoft store around a year ago.

App have lot of negative review with negative summary. The Microsoft Store listing for app states.

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