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zero day attack chapter 1

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Microsoft Windows users are at danger from past unknown trick to attack their PCs.

This threat is now being exploited through hidden attack on your system one that has been patched by Microsoft.

The threat is serious that United State government added to its Known Exploit Vulnerability catalog warning that Microsoft Window contains a spoofing vulnerability that has high impact to confidentiality availability and integrity.

The research team warns that attackers are using special Windows Internet Shortcut files which when clicked called the retired Internet Explorer to visit the attacker controlled URL.

By opening URL with IE instead of moder and secure Chrome Edge browser on Windows the attacker gained mega advantages in exploiting victims computer.

The computer is running the modern Windows 10/11 OS.

CISA the government cybersecurity agency mandated all windows systems in us by federal employees by update or shut down within 21 days by July 30.

Threat actors have been using the attacking techniques for quite some time.

This vulnerability CVE-2024-38112 is not the only Microsoft Windows patch to make CISA list with July 30 deadline.

The government added CVE-2024-38080 threat that Microsoft Windows Hyper V contains a privilege vulnerability that permit a local threat with user permission to gain system privileges.

Updating windows will clearly address both as further 137 patches in Microsoft bulging July update.

Windows 10 holdouts pause for thought ahead of its end of life next October at which point it will not get regular security updates unless you chose for new paid plan.

CISA July Windows update this month. The first known exploits date back over a year which is threatening length of time for exposure to be out in wild.

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