The Best Construction Jobs for Women

There are only 11% of workers in the construction industry identify as lady according to satistic from the Bureau of Labor Satistics. Construction job of women are on the increase.

Between 2012 and 2021 the number of women working in the construction rose by over 50%.

Best Construction Job for Women

Construction job require physical strength, hard work,solving problems your career in the construction industry.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

These workers maintain and install solar panels on businesses and houses. PV installers install support structure, test systems and design system configuration. They may also link panels to the power grid.

To become a PV installer you will need a high diploma or job training. Some state require licensure. Annual salary $47670.


Plumber install gas pipes in buildings. You need marvellous physical strength, communication skill, huge mechanical troubleshooting. There is lot of extra work. Repair work is emergency, plumbers, weekends and long work evenings.

To become a plumber you need an apprenticeship lasting five hours. They also require licensure if you going to work on gas lines. Annual Salary $59000.

Construction Equipment Operator

These worker do the equipment that works heavy materials at mines and construction sites. Operators do the job a vocational school which last 4 hours. Construction Equipment Operator need a commercial driver license or a special license to operate a crane and bulldozer. Annual salary is $48000.


Electrician repair, maintain, installing wiring in homes and office buildings. You need to have good color visions in order to check various colored wires.

Apprentice program needed for four or five years. You need to pass an exam to get license and participate in apprenticeship lasting for five hours.

Elevator Repairer and Installer

Elevator repairer and installer physically strong, mechanically inclined and not fear of height. This job demand a four year apprenticeship program and state license in which you do job. You need only a high school diploma that does not require a degree job. Annual Salary $97860.

Construction Manager

Construction Manager control construction projects from initial stage to ultimate position, hiring subcontractors work on cost estimates and ensuring compliance with building codes. This is an excellent job for leadership, analytics, problem solving and communication skills. This job require a bachelor degree in engineering or construction field.


Carpenter repair wooden structure including buildings, housings concrete forms for bridges. Carpenters may focus on construction, cabinetry and wood flooring.

To progress in this job need physical strength, math skills and problem solving ability. Carpenters have a high school diploma apprenticeship programs, GED or train the job.

Why Work in Construction?

There plenty of reason to work in construction industry as penned below;

Union Jobs

More than 17% of workers in the construction job belonged to union in 2021. Union jobs offered health care coverage, guaranteed pensions with medical care benefits available to 95% of private industry union workers.

Higher Pay

According to BLS average annual construction pay is higher than all other occupations. The Gender pay gap is less in construction jobs. Women earn higher in construction jobs than other jobs in US market according to BLS.

On Job Training

Various construction job require only on the job training, vocational training or an apprenticeship. Some require four year bachelor degree.


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