Agar drama hum tv cast, ost, story, timing

agar drama hum tv is an upcoming serial in 2022-23. This drama has appreciated in audience due to its highly sublime story and representation of Pakistan society evils. Tremendous acting is done by lead actors. agar drama all episodes air on Hum Tv. agar drama cast consist of huge name of tv industry.agar full drama is very amazing. agar drama poster looks very tragic. agar drama pic is available on hum tv official site. agar drama promo looks very attractive.agar drama teaser looks surprisingly well. agar pak drama detail is as under;

agar drama cast

agar drama star cast consist of mega star of Pakistani drama industry.

agar drama actress name

  • Juggan Kazim
  • Hina Altaf
  • Hira Soomro
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Hina Khawaja Bait
  • Fareeda Shabbir

agar drama actress are most popular in Pakistani drama industry.agar drama hum is a Pakistani hit serial.

agar drama actors

  • Ahmed Randhawa
  • Usama Khan
  • Junaid Khan
  • Behroze Sabzwari
  • Ali Abbas

agar drama full cast of mega tv stars.Main role is done by Usama Khan a well known actor of recent time. The actor has huge performances in the past few years such as Dobara. Another lead role is done by Hina Altaf. Who is marvelousin serial Dil Zaar Zaar. Junaid khan will be as Shawaiz in this series. Juggan Kazim a superb actress, and Tv host also shows in tv cast of Agar as Annie. Maheen Siddiqui is one of the new talented actress who getting famous in her last drama Dobara on Hum Tv. agar drama actors are most popular in the pakistani showbiz industry.agar pakistani drama cast is emerging talent in pakistani fashion industry.

agar drama characters

agar pakistani drama cast perform different rol in tv serial. Juggan Kazim perform the character of Annie.Hina Altaf as Hooriya role.Usama Khan as Farukh.Hina Khawaja Bayat as Juggan mother.Junaid Khan as Shawaiz.Ismat Zaidi as Junaid mother.Hira Soomro as Zainab, Ahmed Randhawa as Behram.Ali Abbas as Mutahir.Behroze Sabzwari as Junaid father.Fareeda Shabbir.agar drama pakistani is top trending.

agar drama timing

The drama series Agar is scheduled to premier on Hum Tv on 25 October 2022 and is televised once in a week on every tuesday at 8 pm.You can watch agar drama latest episode on official youtube channel of hum tv.agar drama pakistan gets a lot of applause from audience.agar drama trailer is available online.

agar drama release date

agar pak drama release date is 25 october 2022.agar drama schedule is once in a week.

agar drama day

Watch agar drama agar every tuesday at 8 Pm only on Hum Tv.agar new episode broadcast on hum tv.

agar drama how many episodes

agar drama all episode on air is only 15 episode so far

agar drama channel

Viewers can Watch Agar Tv series on Hum Tv.

agar drama lead cast

Hina Altaf, Usama Khan, Junaid Khan, Maheen Siddiqui. agar drama serial is outstanding.

agar drama director

Ilyas Kashmiri is the Director of Agar Drama

agar drama writer

agar drama writer is Madiha Shahid.

agar drama producer

Momina Duraid is the Producer of Agar Tv series

agar drama production company

MD Productions is the Production company of Agar Drama.agar drama next episode will be very entertaining.

agar drama story

agar drama plot

agar drama hum tv plot is a very thrilling. It reflects some issue of Pakistan society. It story revolve around Hina Altaf. Hina Altaf,Juggin Kazim and Maheen Siddiqui play the roles of three sister. They up bring by her mother. They have one brother. Juggan Kazim is the sole bread earner for her family who is a college principal. Due to her family responsibility she does not get married. Her age is passing rapidly. Junaid Khan as a teacher fall in love with Juggan Kazim. But his parents are not agreed due to Juggan age. Juggan mother also not agreed. Hina Altaf fall in love with Usama Khan. They married but she is not responsible girl. She has childish behaviour so her Mother-in-Law does not like this. Maheen Siddiqui is an innocent girl who works hard and wants to progress in her life. Her brother falls in love with a girl but his mother does not want to marry him so quickly. so there is a lot of twist and turn in the agar drama hum tv story. agar pakistani drama story

is a family cultural story.agar pakistani drama story revolve around three sisters.

agar drama ost singer

agar drama singer name is Maria Raza Sohni and Atif Ali. agar drama synopsis are spectacular.

agar drama ost lyrics

agar drama ost lyrics is written by Sabir Zafar. agar drama song is mindblowing.

agar drama ost lyrics in urdu

agar drama ost mp3 download

agar drama ost

Ankho ny Awaz Di Sun Bat Yeh Raz Ki

Dekha Gaea Hai Tjhay

Chaha Gaea Hai Tujhay

Pehli Dafa Aik Nazar Dil Mein Gae Hai utar

Hoti Yeah Kya Zindagi Hota Yeah Kesa Safar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Rangon Main Dobay Thay Hum

Dhundali Hai Tasveer Kyun

Pahnae Hain Halat Ne Kyun

Paon Main Zanjeerian Kyun

Hum Tum Bikhar Kyun Gae

Esi Hai Taqder Kyun

Partha Nahi Hai Koe

Ashkon ki Tahreer Kyun

Hum Hotay Janay Kidar

Tum Hotay Janay Kidar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Itny Qareeb Ae Thy Kitny Huay Dur Hum

Itni Kushi Kb Mili

Jtny Zada Hain Gham Manzil milay Kis trah

Uthay Nahi Hain Qadam Kyun Na Mohabbat Milli

Chaha Na Tha Hum Nay Kum Dukh Ki Nah Hoti Khabar

Phirty Na Yun Darbadar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

Hum tum Na milty Agar Hum Tum Na milty Agar

agar drama episode 8

In last episode of Agar drama episode 8. Juggan Kazim and Junaid go to murree for honey moon. They secretly married and their parents dont know. On the other hand Junaid parents want to marry him. But Juniad resist and insist to marry juggan. Juggan mother came to know that she does not come to college. Juggan mother doubt her. Behram wants to marry his love. But his mother resist. Hina Altaf mother in law is not happy with her. Hina does not do her household.agar drama today episode is very sensational.

agar drama episode 9

In Episode 9 Hum Tv Agar drama Usama Khan and Hina Altaf are very happy in their life. Hina Mother in Law is happy with her. Juggan and Junaid promise to pass the life together.Junaid parents don’t want to accept Juggan as their daughter in law. Junaid cousin hina engages. Junaid mother tells resign this job and take up the father business. Juggan brother want to marry a girl.Juggan mother does not agree and she is very upset.

agar drama episode 10

Usama and Hina finally had a daughter. Usama tells Hina that don’t anger on his daughter. Jugan goes to the management course. Juggan brother married to her love. Juggan mother taunt her daughter in law. Junaid has one daughter. Juggan tells the teacher special attention to Junaid daughter. Juggan and Junaid are not married each other. There is something which is not open up in this drama. Juggan mother annoying with her third daughter. She tells that don’t become fashionable and do the house work.agar drama last episode is very emotional.

agar drama review

agar drama review is getting a positive criticism from audience.

agar drama wikipedia

all details of agar drama is available on wikipedia. you can search on agar drama wiki.

agar drama youtube

You can Watch agar drama youtube official network of hum tv.

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