Mere Damad hum tv Pakistani drama star cast, OST, Timing, Story.

mere damad hum tv drama is a new upcoming Pakistani drama. Shagufta Ejaz, Sukaina Khan, Paras Masroor, Zahlay Sarhadi, Farhan Ahmed Malhi, Humayun Ashraf are in the leading role of Meray Damad. Mere Damad is a Pakistani romantic drama. mere damad drama poster is most attractive to the viewers. mere damad drama writerAbdul Khaliq Khan and Rakshanda Rizvi. Abdul Khaliq in the Past written marvelous hit dramas.Kaafir, Bhook , Beebak, Mohabbat tjhe Alvidah is his superb work.mere damad drama drector is Nain Maniar. Previously Directed Bikhray hain Hum, Maang etc. Mere Damad Hum Tv drama producer is Momina Duraid. mere damad hum tv is a mindblowing series. mere damad pakistani drama cast is very entertaining.

mere damad cast pakistani drama

mere damad cast is very huge. mere damad name cast consist of most popular pakistani actress and actors. mera damad drama is mega hit in 2023. mere damad drama cast is world class due to their acting skill. mere damad pakistani drama is gaining popularity in India.

mere damad actress name

mere damad pakistani drama actress name are popular name in Pakistani showbiz industry. mere damad pic viral on internet is very charming.mere damad poster is brilliant.

  • Shagufta Ejaz
  • Sukaina Khan
  • zahlay Sarhadi
  • Noor Zafar Khan
  • Ellie Zaid
  • Farah Nadir
  • Kinza Malik

mere damad actor name

  • Farhan Malhi
  • Daniyal Khan
  • Humayun Ashraf
  • Kamran Jilani
  • Paras Mansoor

mere damad mahnoor role is very emotional, heart touching and sensitive.

mere damad pakistani drama timing

mere damad hum tv schedule is every Wednesday, Thursday,Friday at night 9:00 PM.

mere damad new promo

You can watch mere damad new promo on Hum TV. mere damad nic

mere damad new episode

mere damad new episode is airing on hum tv. mere damad schedule is 40 minutes.

mera damad release date

mera damad pakistani serial is released from Pakistan in 2022 year in Urdu Language.

mere damad novel

mered damad hum tv drama is based on novel.

mere damad storyline

mere damad Drama pakistani drama story is centre around Sajeela Begum, her daughter’s and their husbands. Will by treating them as son creating a difference between her and her daughters. The story is family show with Shagufta Ejaz assuming the role of head of family with four little daughters. Their Parents-in-Law make issue in their lives and mother and girls will face such a difficult situation.Mere Damad present a huge storyline, superb acting and mind blowing direction. Drama cast has significantly done a justice to their Job. Mere Damad basic story is about Social and Legal injustice. Shagufta Ejaz challenges the cultural tradition to upring his four daughters and being a Profoessional lawyer. Shagufta has to face Political and Moral Corruption of her Son in Laws. Writer Portrays the Inter-generational conflict very well between Shagufta and her daughters. Economic disparity will make her son in laws cruel and greedy. Story also raises the issue of Gender inequality. Shagufta challneges the Patriarchy and its effects on her life and daughters. Extremist view of many character portrays very well. Shagufta follow the teaching of religion very well and take care of her daughter very well. mere damad plot is very interesting.There is Ethnic and linguistic diversity among Shagufta Daughter in Laws. Rural vs Urban Divide Shagufta and her son in laws. mered damad latest episode is most fascinating. mere damad schedule is very good.

mere damad ost

mere damad ost lyrics is sung by singer Rahma Abid Ali Lyrics is given by Ahmed Jahanzeb and compose by Ahmed jahanzeb.

mere damad ost mp3 download

mere damad song

Yeah jo Bandhan Hai Tera Mera Toot Na Jae

Yeah jo Bandhan Hai Tera Mera Toot Na Jae

Teri Meri Door Tooti

Hai Umeed Par Jhooti

Pal Bann Gaya Hai Jo Hawa

Rishton k Kachay Dhagay

Royi Ankhon se Jaagi

Jewan Ka SbKuch Kho gaya

Ohh Kon hai Apna Yahan

Adhura Sa Sapna Mera

Mil Jae Mujh Ko Wo Jahan

Sun Zara Mehrbaan

Saathiya Oh Rehnuma Oh Rehnuma

Dakhte Dakhte Pal Mein Hai Sb Kuch

Badal Sa Gaya Jo Mere Chaar Su

Tha Wahi Mujhsay Bichar Sa Gaya

Jo Mere Chaar Su Tha Wohi Mujhsay

Bichar Sa Gaya Tha wohi Mujhsay

Hum Gila Ker Na Ske Tofan Pe Chalte Rahay

Pr Yun Guzartay Rahay Kia Btaun Thuj Ko Mein Bhala

Sun Zra Mehrban Sathiya Oh Rehnuma.

mera damad review

In Episode 6 of mera damad pakistani serial we see that Shaqufta Ejaz third daughter goes to shopping with his fiance. However his husband met him in Shopping Mall. Shagufta Ejaz has two married daughter. One is rich and other is poor. Rich husband of her first daughter is very helping. Poor husband of her daughter is very fighting attitude. He got angry that his name and father name is incorrect on Married Card of her sister in law. Shagufta Ejaz excuses to her son in law. However he refuses to forgive her. In the end Shagufta Ejaz caught the foot of her son in law and wants him to forgive her. That was very emotional scene. It happens in our society. In the end he forgive Shagufta. You can watch mere damad youtube channel.

Mere Damad Episode 7 Review

In Episode 7 mere damad pak drama we see that all are enjoying the ceremony of Shagufta third daughter. Shagufta third daughter tells her mother she does not want to marry. On listening that Shagufta BP shoots, Doctor say that if she get another upset new she will suffer heart attack. Sister asked her what she told to mother. On the other hand her husband enter their house as a rose decorator. He enters the girl room but all the family member doubts that there is some one in the room. So ther break the door and enter but her husand escape. However he wear a face mask and shagufta second son in law caught him but he ran away.You can find any thing about mere damad serial from mere damad wiki.

Mere Damd Episode 8 Review

in Mere Damad Drama Episode 8 we see that all are enjoying the marriage ceremony. However shagufta second son in law tolds that her third daughter already married to another guy. So she does not get married once again which is haram. Shagufta get sick and hospitalized. Mahnoor sister told her daughter she will break the marriage. Mah noor is very upset. Shagufta second son in law wishes that he mother in law will die.

Mere Damad Episode 9 Promo

In Episode 9 we see that Shagufta hates her third daughter mah noor. Mah noor husband came to his house and wants to mah noor to come with him. Shagufta told Mah noor that you can go right now and never come back to this house. mere dama video drama is outstanding.

Mere Damad Episode 9 Hum Tv Pakistan Drama Review

Mere Damad Episode 9 we see that Noor ex fiance talk with her. Danish is crying and ask why she did not tell him he will sacrifice his love for noor. They both were very sad. Noor mother Shagufta Ejaz is out of danger in hospital. Shagufta Ejaz second son in law was very sad and first son in law was happy with the news of Shagufta health. Noor little sister taunt her. She promise that she will not ashamed her mother in future. Shagufta first son in law was very sad and encourage shagufta. Noor husband was very confused if he does not left noor his sister will be in danger. He does not want to loose Noor. Shagufta decide that she did not even want to see her in future. Shagufta told noor to get lost forever. Noor was crying and lonely. Noor husband came. Noor mother and sister, son in law very anger on him. Noor mother tells her that she will not marry her love. Shagufta mother was told by her son in law that she will marry her four daughter Wania and Danish. He insist that Shagufta must marry Mah noor with her love.

Mere Damad Episode 10 Hum Tv Pakistan Teaser

In next episode Danish look unhappy with the decision of her brother to marry Wania. Humayun Ashraf very happy that finally he get revenger from Shagufta Ejaz. In mere Damad Shagufta agree to marry her daughter Wania with danish. Sania first daughter taunt that Wania is adopted child of her mother. Wania is an illegal child may be. Wania listen that and very sad. Wania is very anger on noor that due to her his life is spoil. Danish only love Noor and she will be upset for whole life. Shagufta agree to marry noor with his lover

Mere Damad Episode 11

In Mere Damad Episode 11 Wania is married to Danish and Noor with her lover. Shagufta is very happy only for Wania marriage and upset on noor marriage. When Mah noor arrive on her husband house. Her husband mother is very angry to see noor as her daughter in law. Her husband real face open up on him. Noor asked her husband and sister in law why he married to her. Why he cheat me. No one answer. Sania listen the Danish and her husband chat. Danish remind her brother that he promise that in future he will married to noor. Sania is very anger to know that. Shagufta is crying on remembering noor. mera damad latest episode is most entertaining. mere damad urdu drama is very brilliant.

Mere Damad Episode 12 Teaser

mere damad timing is very nice. In next episode of Mere Damad we will see that Noor husband tells her that if she wants to leave her then easily she can go. Hania husband tells that no one can earn the property of Noor. Noor will be introduce by her husband brother in Law Humayoun Ashraf.mere damad latest episode is very thrilling.

mere damad total episodes

mere damad total episode so far is 23. mere damad today episode are mindblowing. mere damad teaser are very interesting.

Mere Damad Drama Cast Name

Noor Zafar Khan-Mahnoor

Noor Zafar Khan is an emerging Pakistani actress and model. She is most popular for her beauty. Sara Ali Khan Pakistani showbiz star is the elder sister of Noor. Her Home Town is Karachi. Noor is not married yet and still single. Khan age is 28 years. Noor starts her entertainment career with first drama Kaise Huay Benam in 2015. Khan recent drama is chalawa in 2021.

Ellie Zaid- Wania

Ellie Zaid is a mega star in the Pakistan fashion industry.Zaid also perform in several bridal photoshoots for top mega fashion brand. She is performing the character of younger sister of Noor Zafar Khan.

Humayun Ashraf- Arbaaz

Humayun Ashraf is a popular Pakistani drama actor and model. His recent mega hit drama from Geo Tv in 2021 “Rang Mahal” where he perform negative villain rol opposite Sehar Khan and Ali Ansari.

Kamran Jilani-Emmad

Kamran started his showbiz career in 2009. Jilani appeared in several hit dramas in lead and supporting roles. His home town is karachi. Jilani age is 40 years old.

Mohabat Chor di Maine was her past Tv series. He is 30 years old and bachelor.

Zhalay Sarhadi-Sania

Zhalay Sarhadi started her showbiz career in 2008. She appeared in several hit dramas. His recent drama was “Yar Na Bichray” in 2021 with Zainab Shabbir and Zain Baig. Sarhadi lives in Karachi. Zahlay Sarhadi is a famous actress and model. She is performing the character of Sania opposite Jilani.

Farhan Malhi-Aliyan

Farhan Malhi is a good addition to Pakistani drama industry. Farhan is a Pakistani actor and model. Malhi starts his showbiz career in 2015 with first drama “Kaisey Tum Se Kahon”. Malhi recent drama is “Mohabat chor di maine” in 2021. He is still single and lives in Lahore. Farhan age is 30 years old. Farhan is MBA graduate from National College of Business Administration. His full name is Farhan Ahmed Malhi. Farhan is performing the role of Aliyan as a Hero opposite Noor Zafar Khan.

Daniyal Khan-Danish

Daniyal Khan is a new talent in Pakistani drama industry. Khan starts her career in 2021 with his first drama “Bewafa” in 2021. Daniyal recent drama is “Teri Rah Mein”. Khan is still single not married yet. He is performing the role of second Hero as Danish opposite Ellie Zaid.

Sukhaina Khan- Hania

Sukhaina Khan is a most popular Pakistani actress and model. Khan is outstanding for her several supporting roles in many hit dramas.His recent drama was “Wafa Bemol” with Komal Meer and Ali Abbas. She is performing the role of Hania as Noor sister.

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