Kacha Dhaga Drama: Cast, Story, Timing, Teaser,Release Date, OST

Kacha Dhaga is upcoming Hum Tv Pakistani drama serial. Star Cast involve Usama Khan, Hina Afridi and many more versatile actors.kacha dhaga actors name consist of super star of pakistani drama industry such as Usama Khan and Hina Afridi.kacha dhaga drama director is Abdullah Badini & producer is Momina Duraid.

kacha dhaga drama day and time

kacha dhaga drama day and time is every Monday-Tuesday two day in a week at 9:00 Pm (Pkt).kacha dhaga drama pic is viral on social media.

kacha dhaga drama release date

kacha dhaga drama release date is 02 January 2023.

kacha dhaga drama Story

kacha dhaga drama story revolve around Usama Khana and Hina Afridi. Hina is the daughter of a rich men. she loves Usama Khan, His father is not happy with their love. He insult Usama. Finally Usama get married to Hina. But at the last moment he refused to marry Hina. So there will be some twist and turn in the story. There will be a crunch moment in the story line. Mega star cast will produce a sensational Hit drama serial of 2023 of Hum Tv Kach Dhaga. Kacha Dhaga story is about family secrets, betrayal,redemption of Usama Khan. Story is about Love triangle and Forbidden romance. Writer discuss the issues how tough is coming of age, class struggle,mental illness. It also raise the issue how a person for gaining power dynamics suffer identity crisis. Kacha dhaga main theme is about difference of Cultural tradition, Social injustice and Economic disparity. It narrates the view of Inter generational conflict and Gender inequality. There is Ethnic and linguistic diversity among the characters.It shows the character of Usama Khan as extremist who even does not follow the religion teaching and betray from Nikah at the last moment.

kacha dhaga drama cast

  • Usama Khan as Hamdan
  • Nabeel Zuberi as Harib
  • Hina Afridi as Arishma
  • Mashal Khan as Maya
  • Kinza Malik as Maya Mother
  • Shamil Khan as Arishma Father
  • Asif Seemab
  • Sabahat Adil as Hamdan mother
  • Nancy

kacha dhaga episode 1

kacha dhaga episode 1 will be going to boom boom. On teaser it look like that Usama Khan will take a revenge. He is very angry on loosing her self respect by girl father. kacha dhaga first episode we see that Usama Khan is insult by his uncle on his daughter birthday. Usama Khan loves her cousin His father insult his mother and they both are very sad. Usama Khan decided to go to US for change his life. After few years he get rich and came back. His cousin is already engage to other boy. Usama Khan went to that boy home and pressurise his parents to cancel the engagement with his cousin.

kacha dhaga drama episode 2

kacha dhaga episode 2 we see that Usama send her mother to ask the proposal of her cousin once again. Usama and his cousin hina afridi finally get engaged. Mishal Malik proposes to Usama Khan but Usama reject his proposal that he loves only hina afridi.

kacha dhaga drama episode 3

In episode we will see that Hina is fell from Steer and caught by his cousin Nabeel Zuberi. Eye contact each other. What a romantic scene. On the other hand

Usama Khan show off his wealth and give the tip of 50000 to waiter in front of Hina. Hina father wants Haq mehr from Usama mother. Usama tells his uncle how much haq mehr you needed.

kacha dhaga drama plot

kacha dhaga drama plot looks very amazing. First Usama Khan rejected by Hina Father. He went to America and become rich. Usama came back and once again tried to marry with Hina which he succeed. On last minute he refused to marry with Hina infront of so many people. Hina father feel ashamed. Hina other cousin will marry her at that point. Usama after some time feel very depressed about that decision and once again tried to get Hina.kacha dhaga drama hum tv is an outstanding show.

kacha dhaga novel

kacha dhaga drama based on kacha dhaga novel.kacha dhaage drama hum tv ost mp3 download is available on hum tv site.

kacha dhaga drama singer

kacha dhaga drama singer name are Asif Santu & Nimra Mehra.

kacha dhaga drama ost

kacha dhaga drama full ost mp3 download

Saiyan Ve Saiyan Ve

Saiyan Ve Saiyan Ve

Saiyan Ve Saiyan Ve

Tu lgya Ku Laya Ve

Ye ishq kre hy tng

Khud se he Khud hi Jang

Samjha Kia hy dil ko

Vakhry hy is ke rang

Jb ishq Ka Pecha ho

Dhaga Kacha ho

Dil tery Sng Dil Tery Sng

Hua Dil Mlng Yara

Dil Mlng Dil Mlng

Dil Mlng Mlng Yara

Rishty Mkhml Ky

Bs Any Pany Se

Jany Hogye

Ku Bad guman

Ishq Ka Kinara Ni

Koi bi Sahara Ni

Bin Tery Guzara Ni

Ab Tu Hamara Ni

Jaye Tu Jaye Ab Kahan

Jb Ishq Ka Pecha Ho

Aur Dhaga Kacha Ho

Phir Ag Lgy Dil me

Tu Yar hi rswa ho

Tu Piar hi rswa ho

Dil Tery Sang Dil Tery Sang

Hua Dil Mlng Yara

Dil Mlng Mlng

Dil Mlng Mlng

Dil Mlng Yara

Sulgay Sulgay Se

Khud Se uljhay se

Rishtay mkhml ke

Bas An Pany Se

Jany hgye Ku Bdguma

Ishq Ka Kinara ni

Bin Tery guzara ni

Ab Tu Hmara ni

Jae to ab Jae Kahan

Dil Teray Sang Dil Teray Sang

Hua Dil Mlng Yara

Dil Mlng Dil Mlng

Dil Mlng Mlng Yara

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