Top 15 Best Paying Jobs

The super best paying jobs include positions in computer science, banks, law, engineering and in medicine.These people earns more because they have high skill and employer is bond to pay premium for them.

  • Most high paying Jobs consist of chief executive, information technology manager.
  • Various best paying jobs are in healthcare physician jobs like gynecologist,surgeon etc.
  • Many high paying jobs required education, training some require certification or licensure.

Top 15 Best Paying Jobs

Accord the Bureau of Labor Satistics (BLS) following are highest paid jobs in US market.

Airline Pilots

Airline Pilots do a great thing than only fly the airways. Airline pilots generally have a bachelor degree and have the licensure from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), They start their careers as commercial pilots.

They are responsible for hard work that goes into making sure the plane flies safely, performing pre flight aircraft checks, changes in flight, navigation in air and tackle emergency scenario.


Judges generally work in local courts,state and federal. Their job is to preside over trials and other hearings. Judges may be appointed or elected to their jobs.Judges may serve for a fixed duration i.e for life time or 10 years. Judges have law degree and huge experience of practicing law

Chief Executives

Chief Executives Officer CEOs provide the direction for setting goals,creating policies, corporate ship.CEOs control top management such as Chief financial Officers and Chief Operating Officer. CEOs report to board of directors.

Chief Executive Officer generally have MBA degree and extensive work experience. CEO average earning of top company is more 10 million dollar per annum.

IT Managers

These Managers are responsible for company information technology. Their responsibilities vary from organization to organization. Their typical job is assessing the computer needs of company , ensuring system safety and hiring controlling IT professionals


These Physicians are responsible for foot health. Their job is to diagnose and treat malfunction of the lower legs and feet do surgeries and prescribe orthotics.

Podiatrists get a special medical degree i.e Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). They must be licensed to practice in the state. They complete a three year residency.


Dentists do job as a part of team it includes dental hygeinist,dental assistants. Dentists take care of patient gums and teeths treating tooth decay and gum disease. They may repair damaged teeth replace them with implants or appliances like denture.


It includes the interaction between matter and energy. Physicist design new software or items linked to their jobs. Physicists hold a PhD degree.Physicists title consist of atomic physicists,medical physicists and quantum information physicists. They develop theories, write papers, analyze data perform research.

Engineering Managers

These Managers hire, instruct and supervise team of engineers.They develop and execute plans for product developments and methods of production.


Physician earns more than half of highest paying jobs in US market. High physician jobs include gynecologists,surgeon and Pshyciatrist.

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