Highest Paying Jobs for Graduates With an English Degree

According to Fortune 500 CEO most popular journalist and US Senators majored in English.English major is decreasing past ten years.

Top 10 Jobs for English Majors


English reading skills assist librarian to rapidly review book as they decide upon criteria.English majors help how to compile information for papers and librarians spend huge time guiding patrons regarding research projects.The organizational skills and orientation of English Major assist librarian to build efficient systems for shelving books and catalog.


Lawyers compose memos, contracts, courtroom agreement and legal documentation.English majors writing skills and ability to construct language, position them to rank up in these aspects of legal work.To pass the bar exam students must be expert in English.English major help law pupil to draft arguments about legal cases and precedents.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers select content developer and bloggers with whom to affiliate and they need to control these relationships.The critical reading skills of an English major assist them to chose quality writers and provide feedback of these individuals.

Public Relation Specialist

Public Relation Specialist make a attractive picture of client in front of media and make a berth in newspaper,television, radio station.

Teaching English

English majors make you fluent in English language, grammar and vocabulary.English majors gets job by international language organization including the peace corps as English teachers.They will qualify as an ESL instructor domestically in public school system.

Technical Writer

Technical writer prepare manuals about the use of services and products. English majors assist them to write precise and simple language.Technical writers Technical Writer revised feedback as they revise documentation.

Content Manager

Content Manager have a bird eye view of every content publish newspaper and magazine.Content managers work as an online creator.English major know their audience that will appeal to readers.They must be abide by deadlines.

Grant Writer

Grant Writer are storyteller.Research and reading skill are basic parts of Grant Writer.


Fundraiser engage donors, assess their interests and help communications that have best chance of generating contribution.Development staff write content for websites and brochures.Fundraiser draft letters of appreciation and articles recognizing the donors.


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