The Top Jobs for Trade School Graduates

Not everyone afford to go to college for four years education after graduation.Various high paying jobs are getable with an associate degree , post secondary award certification.Trade school is best for your careers.

Web Developer

You need a bachelor degree for this job.However some company accept work experience and associate degree. If you enjoy debugging, writing and coding this job is for you.Estimate Annual growth is 15%.Associate or Bachelor degree is required.Annual salary is $77000.


You need a physical strength and attention for this job.You need some type of licensure and apprenticeship experience.Plumbing licensing requirement vary from state to state.Estimated Annual Growth rate is 5%.High School Diploma and apprenticeship is required.Annual salary is $60000.

Dental Hygeinist

They overlook cleaning of teeth, taking X Rays, Checking for oral disease, plague removing and educating patients on oral hygiene. For long career you need a passion as oral hygeine and educate patients.Projected Growth rate of this job is 10%.Associate Degree is required.Annual Salary of $70000.

Refrigeration , Air Conditioning Mechanics and Installers

These technicians job is cooling, ventilation, heating and refrigeration unit maintenance and installing.Job require two year of education past high school and long duration on the job training.Projected Growth rate is 4%.Annual salary is $48000.

Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists require licensure and extra degree of an associate degree.These worker help cancer and other treatment.Projected growth rate is 8%.Typical Associate degree is required.

Respiratory Therapist

People with this job work with children and old age person with respiratory problems performing treatment, consulting medical staff and diagnose tests.Annual growth rate is 20%.Associate Degree is required.

Escalator and Elevator Repairer/Installer

The Job consist of control systems, cables, elevator doors, lifts and maintaining elevators.IF you are skillful with your tools this is ideal job.High School Diploma and apprenticeship is required.Estimated growth rate is 5%.


Electrician perform installing,maintaining, repairing wiring, control electrical parts and test equipments to electrical problems.Electrician have four year apprenticeship and require license.Estimated growth rate is 8%.High School Diploma and Apprenticeship is required.

Hydrologic and Geological Technician

This job collecting and testing samples, recording data compiling reports, maintaining and installing equipments.You can initiate your career with associate degree, Some companies prefer 4 year bachelor degree.


What two year degree pay the most?

Dental and Radiation Therapist make above $75000 a year.They are among highest paid associate degree.

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