The Top Best Jobs With Pensions

What is a Pension

A pension is a retirement plan that provides monthly income during retirement. Pensions are defined benefits plans while IRAs are defined contribution plans. A defined plan promises a specific income in contrast contribution plan does not.Defined benefit plan are funded by an employer while IRA is funded by employee contributions.

If you have a pension you will receive a i set monthly income decided by flat rate or as a formula that takes into account your years of services and your salary in a company. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) safe retirement plans,including pensions. Under ERISA rules your employer can require employees to accrue five years of service in order to be 100% vested in pension benefits. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) guarantees pension benefits up to an amount set by Congress.If your employers goes bankrupt PBGC steps in and provides partial benefits.

Jobs with a pension plan are on declining side. The percentage of employers offering defined benefit pension plan has fallen between 1980 and 2021. The best jobs with pension are in law, education, health care and government. To look a job with a pension seek govt jobs and union or chose employers who offer this benefit.

Best Jobs With Pensions

The best jobs with pensions meet certain criteria. They offer job satisfaction, above average income and healthier occupational outlook.


Electrician schooled their trade through trade schools or apprenticeship. Electrical work is a union job.For next decades these jobs growth rate is 9%. Electrician income per annum is $6000.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse in few states belongs to unions which provides 403 (b) plans and pensions. Estimate growth rate of this job is 9% for next decade.Average annual income is $70000.


High, Middle and Elementary School teacher who work at public school are members of teachers union. They offer pension among benefits plans.Annual average salary is $61000. Estimated job growth is 8% for next decade.

Police Officer

Police officers are members of unions and have pensions. Estimated job growth is 7% for next decades.Annual average salary is $66000.

Government Worker

State, Federal and Local government Jobs comes with a pension plan.Variety of Jobs are offered from engineers and administrative jobs.

Tips for Looking a Job with a Pension Plan

Here are method you can search a job with a pension plan.

  • Search the top job sites using keywords like pension plan and pension to search positions that offer a pension.
  • Apprenticeship are methods that may offer a pension.You can use Department of Labor Apprenticeship Job Finder to apply directly to program sponsors
  • Search your state department labor county or city employment site for information on local government jobs. For Federal government jobs is a better place to find jobs.

Best Companies That Offer Pensions

Now a days fewer private sector employers offer pensions plan which are penned below;

Coca Cola

Th beverage company offers a huge rate employee pension plan. 401 K with an employer equal up to 3.5%.


Insurance mega company Prudential’s cash balance retirement plan is for all employees and is based on a formula that add credits for each month of services.


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