The Top Highest Paying Management Jobs

There are various management jobs available in a various fields each with a different responsibilities.Management Position for those who enjoys extensive projects and making hard decision.Various Management Jobs are highest paying jobs.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager overlook programs and plan to create interest in a product. A marketing manager develop strategies to gain maximum profit and customer satisfaction, identify market for its company product.

The manager work with public relations, sales and product development to make the success of marketing program. Marketing Manager average earning $133000 per annum.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager direct their organization sales team. They make sale ambitions, plan strategies to improve employee sales records and implement training programs. Various sales managers initiate their career as sales representatives and steadily progress into management.

Sales manager traditionally have a bachelor degree and excellent communication and analytical skills.Sales managers earned annualy $127000.

Computer and Information System Manager

Computer and Information System Manager also known as IT Coordinator, Manager, plan and overlook technology with in an organization. They decide the information technology desire of a company then implement programs to look that these needs are met.

They also overlook the work of IT and direct employees.IT managers can coordinate in a various fields. Computer and information system earned an average annum $159000.

Chief Executive

Chief Executive overlook, coordinate , plan the operational activities of companies. They plan to ensure that their companies achieve their goals. Chief executive perform in private sector and public industries.

They earn the maximum salary of all management vacancies. They work long hours and essentially looks for success of companies. Chief executives earned annual income of $200000

Financial Managers

Financial managers overlook the financial health of a company. They assist financial ambitions and implement these plans through financial reports, investment market trends. They typically work closely with other manager to make financial determination for the organization.

Financial managers earn annual pay of $131000.

Operation Managers

Operate managers control a variety of various operations. Their jobs may include managing the daily works of company or an office, overseeing specific projects and formulating policies.

Operation Managers earn annual wage of $97000

Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Sciences Manager supervise and manage the work of other scientist. They work with chemists, biologists in a various ways. Natural science managers develop new products or improve manufacturing processes.

Natural Science Manager earn annual pay of $137000.

Architectural and Engineering Manager

They coordinate, plan and overlook projects in engineering and architecture. They may develop new designs and products to identify technical problems with ongoing projects.

They know how to implement budget for hire and needs. They earned annual pay of $152200.

Fundraising Manager / Public Relations

Public Relations and fundraising managers overlook and plan programs they ensure a pleasant public position for their client. They also work to get funds for the company. Their job may consist of public relation programs, media releases developing and planning fundraising strategies.

Public relations and fundraising managers earn annual salary of $120000

Why does management get paid more?

Companies pay high for the ability to grow and to do it with maximum results. The demand for good managers remain high.

What should I study to be a manager?

A business management degree should put you in a good job.

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