Top 20 Unexpectedly High Paying Jobs

When you think high income jobs.There are various Jobs that earn high salary such as engineers, doctors and lawyers.Here I penned below som top 20 unexpectedly high paying jobs.


Animator design special effects, multimedia for movies,computer games, commercials and music videos.They work for a special company or freelance work.According to BLS estimated jobs growth is 5% and median annual salary is $75,500.

Event Manager

Event Manager overlook the operation of an event such as wedding, engagement ceremony, birthday party.They include in planning of event.

Nurse MidWife

Nurse Midwife are practiced registered nurses.They are involved in Gynae healthcare for ladies.They are responsible for care during and after childbirth.A degree is required from an accredited program.A national pass certification exam is required.According to BLS estimated job growth is 26% and median annual salary is $113,900.

Mail Superintendents and Postmaster

Postmaster and Mail Superintendents operate the operational and administrative services of U.S. post offices.They also control the postal jobs working under their office.Mail Superintendents and Postmaster make a median annual salary of $75,000.According to BLS estimated job growth is declining by 26% for next decade.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller are responsible for directing the flow of commercial flights.They regulate the ways of flights.They educate pilots about weather and runway conditions.Air traffic controller must complete an FAA recognized educate program and attend a training course at FAA Academy.According to BLS there is 1% estimated job growth and make median annual salary of $125000.

Talent Agent

Talent Agent are the man behind athletes and artists.They serve as middlemen between customers and clients. They negotiate on contract, paycheck terms and publicity matters.


Blogger job is to post for a website, news site or promote a product. Bachelor in Computer related field is necessary. You can adopt skill from experience.

Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencer can earn money by promoting some products. They earn huge amount by running insta pages.


Youtube influencer earns in million. If you have subscriber from Western countries or traffic from US you can earn hefty amount.

Facebook Promoter

Through Facebook promotion and running pages. Facebook advertiser earns a lot of good salary.


Astronomer are involved in analysis, research of astronomical process.There are lot of movement of celestial bodies. Astronomer generally PhD in astronomy and physics.Research Universities employed them.


LIbrarian keep and maintain the book records. Now robots is taking the Job. However Librarian earn handsome salaries employed in mega universities, college or state level libraries.

Visual Animator

They develop and design visual communication strategies for various departments.They work for graphic design advertsing company.


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