Deontay Wilder break down in Tears on The Traitors while revealing he ‘CANT GO ON’.

The Professional boxer is overwhelm with tears after Maks exit.Deontay is relaxed by traitor Phaedra Parks who wipes.

Hosted by Alan at an ancient castle set deep in Scottish Highlands, the celebrity contestants work jointly on a series of mission to build a prize fund worth up to $250,000. Hidden amongst the faithful are the traitors, whose mission is to reduce the faithful and claim the prize money for themselves. Under the darkness, the traitors murder the faithful one by one in a treacherous while the faithful making effort to banish them from the game.

If the faithful contestants banish all the traitors they will share the prize fund, if traitors make it to the end they will snatch all the amount.

Deontay Wilder was emotional and came near to quitting. The Traitors after wrongly accusing Maks Chmerkovskiy of being a traitor and getting him banished from the game.

The boxing champion influenced the downfall of the Dancing with Stars pro having gone as far to accuse him of having a poker face that could fool a clown during the latest roundtable.

Majority of his celebrity players to vote out Masks, Deontay was left disturbed when the dancer announced he was in fact a faithful.

Deontay in past voted out a faithful RuPaul Drag Race Star Peppermint ” ‘I donot know how much I can go on’ Deontay admitted. ‘My heart I can not do this no more man. This sht is f****g with me too much. Pleading with him to stay, Kevin responded “Deontay we need you man”.

As Deontay continued to shed tears, Phaedra who unbeknownst to the rest of the group is a traitor, went over to comfort him and wipe away his tears.

Do not cry she expressed It is a hard game. Speaking in her confessional, Phaedra expressed of the sporting legend disposition. Deontay is so emotional and upset about Maks exit because he is a champion of his friend departure.

She continued ” This not what he does ”

By the end of the roundtable, Maks had racked up the majority of the votes with a 10 against him. Before leaving the game for good,he stepped up to the circle of simple declared and truth ‘ I promise no longer speeches I am a faithful’.

As the camera panned towards Deontay, the boxer seemed visibly upset by the outcome. Addressing the remaining players, host Alan Cumming declared ‘ Faithful you have delivered another decisive blow. It was against yourselves.

” You really are making it easy for the Traitors’

He is a champion boxer and so i know doing this for the first time is taking to toll on him. Breaking down Deontay had been a key player in Maks ousting from the game after becoming convinced that the professional dancer was a traitor.

Speaking in front of his fellow contestant a t the roundtable. Deontay had declared ” Certain people have changed up on me since the first time I met them.

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