Best Jobs in the Restaurant Industry

According to Statista a market data surveyor more than 13 million workers employee in Restaurant Industry.Restaurants are biggest employers for those that initiating their career.It can be major economic boosters in area dependent on tourism.

Career Opportunities in the Restaurant Industry

According to The National Restaurant Association reports that 9 in 10 restaurant managers and 8 in 10 restaurants start their careers in entry level jobs.Restaurants hire largely number of entry level workers. Some restaurants hire for a various positions from trained chefs to administrative staff.Waiters can earn high income in shape of tips.

Types of Restaurant Jobs

Small Cafe offers general manager, the proprietor and chef jobs.Large restaurant offers marketing jobs, human resources and administrative positions. In general the work is divided into front-of -house and back-of-house jobs.At a chain restaurants there are likely protocols in place for training staff of promotions.

Restaurant Management Jobs

In national or local restaurant chains there will be an offsite corporate office which houses the upper management staff, office managers, IT specialist and related support staff.The corporate office is responsible for matters that involve the whole company like of imposing company policy, developing and defining the company brand and marketing strategy.Restaurant Managers earn per annum salary of $46000.

Front-Of-The-House Jobs

Front -of -the-house positions are those that deal with the public. These titles may include runner, bartender, server,busser, server and host or hostess. Fast food restaurants have drive through operators and cashiers. Depending on the size of restaurant extra managerial position, shift manager or table captain

Front-Of-The-House Jobs Responsibilities and Salaries


Bartenders make and serve drinks, They also keep and maintain the bar area and serve appetizers.Bartenders earn per annum average salary of $36000.


Waiters and Waitress take orders, deliver beverages and food and take customer orders. Waitstaff earn an annual average income of $24000.


Cashier receive payment from customers. Using POS software they process debit and credit card transactions.Cashiers reconcile cash at the end of day.Cashier earn 10,50 dollar per hour.

Busser/Back Waiter

Busser clean the table and provide table supplies and napkins etc.Busser earn annual average salary of $21600.They also wash dishes.


Restaurant Host/Hostess earn per annum average salary is $21000.These staff give customer to menus, allocate seat and waitstaff while taking drink orders. They earn an annual salary of $21000.

Back-Of-The-House Jobs Responsibilities and Salaries

  • Cook
  • Baker
  • General Manager
  • Kitchen Manager

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