10 Best Jobs for Single Parents

Working as a single parent come with a variety of difficult challenges. You can find an employer who is facilitating that not everyone such as a single parent is able to be available during regular business hours each day.

If you are searching for a job seeking roles that are based on single parents friendly than others. Chose family friendly employer who understand your difficulty as a solo parent. Single parents have less of a support system than other employees and need special facility.Few Jobs are ideal for single parents because of nature of jobs.Selecting a supportive employer is a key when searching single parent friendly opportunities.Single parents jobs should offer flexible hours.

Best Jobs for Single Parents


Job as a Bookkeeper can be done from home and working hour suit for your schedule.You will be expert in bookkeeping software and experience in financial records.Due to sensitive nature of financial documents you need to pass a background check and follow certain rules and regulation to keep date protected. You may need to be a bachelor degree depending on organization.Work experience also acceptable. Salary can increase with experience. Average per annum salary is $40000.


If you are expert in writing or proofreading being a editor can be a solo parent friendly job it can be done from home. Editors can do a job as a freelancer.Some editors have deadline to meet so they are bonded to work 9 to 5 hours.You may have to pass editing pass for job recruitment.No special degree is required.Salaries increases with experience.Annual average salary is $63000.

Real Estate Agent

Working as Real Estate Agent permits for flexible hours since agent set their own time.If you love to enjoy working outside the office and meeting new person this could be a better option.Real Estate Agent earn through commission.You need to complete a course or paid license.Annual average wage is $48000.

Graphic Designer

Various Graphic Designer work as a Freelancer.You need a computer , software and some expertise in Graphic Designing. This job can be done from home or flexible schedule.You need a Bachelor degree to be hired.Showcase a portfolio of your job.Average annual salary was $50000.

Customer Support Specialist

Customer Support Specialist works remotely.You will provide services, complete transaction by email social media or phone.Hours may be flexible because it is 24/7 jobs. No special education is required. On Job training is good for job requirement. This is an entry level position. 16$ per hour is salary. Earning can rise with experience.

Job Finding Tips for Single Parents

Focus on Your Skills

Show your career achievements and qualifications on your CV and initial meeting.You can discuss your needs.

Search for Family Friendly Policies

Organization that permits to start their work day earlier or later offer hybrid work arrangements and unlimited vacation policies child care stipends, onsite daycare and after school programs are family friendly.

Pay Attention to your Candidate Experience

During the hiring process find that employer is flexible to accomodate you. Are they responsive to your inquiries.


How many single-parent households are there in the US?

According to US Censu Bureau 18.6 million children live with just one parent. 3.3 million children live with their father and 15.3 million with their mother.

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