25 of the Best Jobs to Work in Retail

Retail Jobs may provide on the job training that allows workers to start a career without a formal education.Various retail jobs require working evenings or weekends, National chains may offer huge salaries for the jobs like security, IT and management jobs.The retail sector employs 16 million workers. Mostly workers are customer service representative, merchandiser, cashier etc. The pay in this sector is not good.

25 Top Jobs in Retail


Cashier jobs require no formal education.You can apply online at most retailers and on the job training is available.Options are available at grocery stores,gas stations and other retail departments, department stores.Cashier is not the highest paying job. More than 3.50 million people are employee as cashier.Various Jobs are part time.

Branch Manager/ Loan Officer

Branch Manager at retail banking advertise personal, auto loan and mortgage to customers. They manage staff, examine applications and impose bank policies. Loan officer jobs are higher paid jobs in retail sector.Estimated Job growth is decreased in future due to automation.

Store Manager

Store Manager is overlook day to day operations of the stores involving promotions,productivity, inventory and customer service. The Job may involve training, scheduling, managing , hiring staff.


The retail distribution and preparation of medicine is a key of retail store. Pharmacist assist to control drugstores, informing customers and preparing medications. Pharmacist earns an average annual salary of $128000.

Information Technology Coordinator

IT Coordinator resolve issues, troubleshoot, upgrade, maintain store system.Retail IT Coordinate assist operations and user supports for retailers. Their Job is hardware,software and server support.

District Manager

District Manager manage operation at a group of stores within a geographical location.They train, evaluate and maintain store managers and solve problems within their region.Their Job is to maintain that each store meet its sale targets.


Butcher in retail super market cut meat and fish.They display and price product for sale.Their Job is process orders and maintain inventory.Butchers recommend merchandise.

Training Manager/ Human Resource Specialist

Training Manager specialists are responsible for hiring,training, recruiting, employee relation and benefit administration.Their Job may be as a corporate job or in store job.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant provide customer service at beauty salon or retail market.They answer their queries and recommend products to customer.

Logistic Coordinator

Retail Logistic Coordinator manage the movement of products to the each store.They maintain track of order stock, allocate merchandise to stores, manage the stock rooms, inventory, maintain stocked racks and timely shipping.

Online Merchandiser

Online merchandisers oversee digital merchandising of the products on the company website.They analyze data, decide on product promotion, sales strategy and measure customer interest.Freelancers sell products through online stores like amazon.

Assistant Manager/ Team Leader

A retail assistant Manager assist the store manager with every day operation. Job responsibilities include assisting with general management or overlook a specific area.

First Line Supervisor

Department Managers and First Line Supervisor are responsible for one section of a retail store. Grocery stores have managers for meat, seafood, diary. This Job could be a promotion from a stock or associate position or the employer could recruit with experience in that department.

Pharmacy Technician

They work in drug store and pharmacies within huge retail stores.They process and receive prescriptions.The Job includes data entry, stocking shelves, packaging medication, printing labels and stocking shelves.

Loss Prevention Specialist

They are hired to prevent shoplifting.Employees follow the cash handling procedures and loss control policies.Their job includes inspecting store alarms,locks checking bags and tags.

Customer Service Representative

Their Job include pricing to customers or responding to inquiries, provide product information, handling payments and returns, customer service desk.

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