When is the Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets?

In this article I share some interesting facts when you must plan to Buy Airline Tickets for domestic and International Travel. For domestic flights aim for 60 days before. For International flights start looking earlier.

The good time to buy airline tickets

It totally depends on where and when you desire to travel. For domestic flights book 60 days in advance.For International flights start looking before.

Domestic flights (within the continental America)

Airlines ticket price on the high end at the start because there is no sense of market demand.After that Airlines go with the principle of market demand supply function. If demand is high price is high and vice versa.It is better to book three four months in advance.Between 30 and 120 days in advance specially 60 days in advance.

International Flights

It depends on the region.International flights are more costly than domestic flights.If seats are snatched early it has longer effect on price to remain higher side.International flights depend upon seasonal variation. So purchase before that season start. These prices remain frequent and sometimes drastic fluctuations in ticket costs.Here is some list of better times on average.

  • Europe 150 days in advance
  • Asia 100 days in advance
  • South America 120 days in advance
  • Africa 200 days in advance
  • Middle east 210 days in advance
  • Canada 70 days in advance

Appropriate days of the week to book

Best days are tuesday, wednesday and thursday.Both domestic and international flights are cheaper in midweek.Tickets might be least costly.But with lower effect.Prices vary based on which days of the week the return and departure.

Best Season to buy airline tickets

Summer is the most popular season for domestic flight to travel.It is better to book these trips in advance.

  • Fall 20 to 90 days in advance
  • Summer 20 to 150 days in advance
  • Spring 50 to 100 days in advance
  • Winter 30 to 120 days in advance

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