When is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

The best TV sales occur during Black Friday, Spring and Super Bowl Season.Three of the ideal times of year to buy a TV are Black Friday,Spring and Super Bowl Season.

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TV release Cycle

TV Companies introduce new model in March or April. Once they do the previous year models will likely be discounted. Discount sale can extend into summer. It is better for those who desire to buy a year old brand new model.Spring is good time.

Black Friday

Black Friday happens in November specially the day after Thanksgiving. The holiday season is the best time to buy a TV at amazon. Various retailers discount just everything on Black Friday and TV are among the doorbusters.Major retailers compete on Black Friday and era of online shopping pricing is reactive stores can respond to competitors price in real time throughout the day. Some companies create model for specially Black Friday.These set lack some features of current models. TVs are usually hundred of dollars off during Black Friday promotions.

Super Bowl Season

The biggest football event of the year brings TV discounts.What is the winning combination? The Super Bowl is an ideal game to highlight TV especially those with larger screen.Current TV models have been out for nearly a year by February. Football related sales start in January and run until the Super Bowl in February.


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