What is LIama 2 and How Can You Use It?How Does LIama 2 Compare Against the Competition?

LIama 2 an open source language model beat its competitors like MBT.It is one of the best AI tools in market current date.When compared to Bard and ChatGPT LIama 2 show skills in coding and functional jobs but not upto mark with complex tasks.LIama 2 solved problems that Bard and ChatGPT could not perform in their earliest iterations.

Now facebook parent company Meta has released LIama 2 a great new language model. We talk about feature of LIama 2 and compare with other AIbot its characters.

What is LIama 2?

LIama 2 a large language model. It is the brainchild of Microsoft and Meta two tech giants competing at AI research.It is equivalent to OpenAI ChatGPT-4 , Anthropic Claude 2 and Google PaLM 2.It has been trained on a huge dataset of publicly available internet data. LIama 2 was trained with 40% more data than LIama 1 and it has double the context length.

How Does LIama 2 Compare Against the Competition?

LIama 2 is an open source project.Meta is publishing the entire model so anyone can approach and use it for new applications.It outperform other open source language model like MBT or Falcon.LIama 2 is one of the best open source language models.

Math Skills

ChatGPT in algebra and logic math problems outperform LIama 2.But LIama 2 beat Bard in same competition.LIama 2 solve several math problems that both Bard and ChatGPT failed to solve.

Coding Skills

LIama 2 coding skills is similar to Bard. ChatGPT write a code for Tetris game. However LIama 2 fail to do the same.Bard and LIama 2 only provide a functional code for a to do list and authentication system.


In commonsense and logical reasoning ChatGPT outperform its competitors. Bard has a little advantage over LIama 2 in logical reasoning test.LIama 2 is a foundational model with possible new features adopt in mind.


In terms of Creativity ChatGPT is on top of the world. LIama 2 is better than Google Bard in terms of creativity and sense of humour.LIama 2 is giving hard time to ChatGPT in this section.

How to Use LIama 2

You can use LIama 2 through Quora Poe AI platform or a Hugging Face cloud host instance.You can download a copy of it and run it locally.

Access LIama on Hugging Face

To access LIama on Hugging Face Open the link to the corresponding LIama 2 models and start prompting the AI Chatbot.

  • 70B parameters LIama 2 Chat
  • 13B parameters LIama 2 Chat
  • 7B parameters LIama 2 Chat

Access Liama on Quora Poe

  • Visit poe.com and sign up for a free account
  • Log in your account and reveal the AI model selection interface
  • Click the More icon just above the input field to reveal the available AI models.

Hardware Requirements to Run LIama 2 Locally

For 13B parameter run locally you need high end consumers GPU like the RTX 3090 or RTX 4090.You can run on MAC Book.For 7B model you need a graphics card with atleast 1oGB of VRAM. The 70B parameter model require powerful, specialize hardware of responsive execution.

LIama 2 Key Points

LIama 2 is a open source it is first step towards AI development.OpenAI wall garden approach mean the company control the growth and pace of development of model.With Open source LIama 2 model community can innovate to build new pro

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