Did You Know You can Speak to ChatGPT?

OpenAI open source speech recognition system called whisper permits you to speak to ChatGPT and get answers to your queries.You can use this ability to get answers, create code with your voice.Why you waste your time by typing when your voice done this job for you.

Talk to ChatGPT and Save Precious Time

By speaking to ChatGPT we can forward larger and more detail prompts with our voice and having a talk without manually typing a prompt that could take more minutes.This will increase your productivity and save time.

What you need to speak to ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Whisper integration permit you to use your voice to speak with ChatGPT instead of typing.You can rapid up your prompts instead of typing mega and detail sentences.

To get the ChatGPT voice input feature on your phone you will need to download and install the official ChatGPT app for mobile.You sign in with your OpenAI account you are all ready to get advantage of the Whisper traits. If you use window PC you depend on third party like whisper desktop to turn voice to text in real time.

How to Send ChatGPT Prompts with Your Voice

Android and Iphone devices come with native dictation traits.To send prompts in the ChatGPT app with your follow these steps.

  • On Android phone tap the microphone button next to the text field.
  • On an iphone tap the soundwave icon on the right side of the text field at the bottom.
  • ChatGPT will start recording your voice, initiate speaking.
  • When you are finish tap the stop recording and wait for ChatGPT to transcribe the recording.
  • Tap the Send button next to the next field to forward your prompt.

You need to wait for few seconds and ChatGPT will response your query.


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