Tinkay Ka Sahara-Watch live Pakistani No.1 Most Entertaining HumTv drama, OST, Cast, Release Date, Timing in 2023.

Tinkay Ka Sahara is a Pakistani Tv Series which first Televised on 26 September 2022 by Hum Tv. The main casts are Haroon Rashid, Sami Khan, Rabab Hashim and Sonya Husyan.tinkay ka sahara is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Zanjabeel has also penned the Fraud Tv series Ary Drama.Zeeeshan Ahmed is the director of Tinkay Ka Sahara series.Moomal Duraid is the executive producer.Moomal Entertainment is the production company.

tinkay ka sahara timing

Drama tinkay ka sahara telecast on Hum Tv every monday at 8 pm.

tinkay ka sahara drama cast

  • Sami Khan as Vasay
  • Rabab Hashim as Duriya
  • Haroon Shahid as Hammad
  • Sonya Hassan as Qadar
  • Saba Faisal as Hammad’s mother
  • Ayesha Toor as Adeela
  • Subhan Awan as Salman
  • Sana Askari as Aimen
  • Adnan Jaffar as Imran
  • Naveed Raza
  • Akbar Islam as Duriya’s mother
  • Afsheen Hayat as Romana
  • Salma Asimas Duriya’s mother

Rabab Hashim as Duriya Pakistani Actress

Rabab Hashim is a Pakistani drama actress. Rabab is a good addition to Pakistani drama industry. She starts her acting with drama serial Na Kaho Tum Meri Nahi. Meray Mohsin is her recent drama. Rabab is also a Tv Host. Rabab has won several Hum Tv awards. Rabab Home Town is Karachi. She has done BBA(Hons) from Institute of Business Management, Karachi. She is a trainee of NAPA, Karachi. She got married in 2020.

Sonya Hussyn as Qadar Pakistani Model & Actress

Sonya Husyn is a Pakistani actress and model. She made her debut with a classical tv serial Dareecha in 2011. She achieve nomination for Best Tv actress at Lux Style Awards for drama Aisi Hai Tanhai.Sonya received Pakistan International Screen Award for Tv series Seraab. Sonya Home Town is Karachi. She has three sibling two sisters and one brother. Sonya is a huge name in Pakistsani Fashion Industry. She has won Ary Film Awards. Sonya is a Pakistani Telefilm and Film Artist.

Sami Khan as Vasay Pakistani Actor

Mansoor Aslam khan Niazi known as Sami Khan. Sami is a Pakistani Actor and Model. She acts in several Pakistani films, Telefilms and dramas. She starts her career in Pakistani film industry with film Salakhain in 2004. Sami Khan was born in July 6 1980. Sami Home Town is Karachi. Khan is graduated from UET, Lahore.Sami debut drama is Dil se Dil Tak. Sami latest and recent drama is mohabbat ki akhri kahani. He has performed in many PTV Dramas. He has achieved several Entertainment awards such as PTV Awards, Lux Style Awards, Hum Tv Awards, IPPA Awards.

Haroon Shahid as Hammad Pakistani Musician

Haroon Shahid is a Pakistani Musician, Mere Ban Jao Drama Cast, Story, timingactor and model. Haroon is a big name in Pakistani Music Industry. Shahid is a good addition to Pakistani drama Industry. He won lux style award for Do Bol series. Haroon made her debut Verna films in 2017. Harron is a lyrics writer of several Pakistani hit drama OST.

Ayesha Toor as Adeela Pakistan Tv actress,model

Ayesha Toor is a Pakistani television actress, model and host. Ayesha Home Town is Karachi and has two Siblings i.e. brothers. Too is not married yet. Ayseha Graduated from National College of Arts. Ayesha Drama list consist of many popular dramas. Ayesha starts her showbiz career with drama serial Band Khirkion K Peechay in 2011. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is her recent dramas.

Sana Askari as Aimen Pakistani Tv actress

Sana Askari is a Pakistani actress and model. She is known for most popular character of Laila in Barat Series. Sana is born in 23 April 1988. Sana Husband is Minhaj Ali Askari. Her latest and recent drama is Khala Garam Masala. Azer Ki Aegi Barat is Askari debut drama. Sana is a good name in Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

Adnan Jaffer as Imran Pakistani Tv actor

Adnan Jaffer is a Pakistani anchor and tv actor. Adnan Home Town is Karachi. Adnan is graduated from Arizona State University and National Academy of Performing Arts. Adnan made his Pakistani film debut with Jalaibee. His debut drama in Pakistan Television Industry is Mera Saein 2. His recent drama is Tinkay Ka Sahara

tinkay ka sahara plot

Tinkay Ka Sahara Tv series Plot is the story of two girls.Wassay is a rich person and angry men. He is married to Durriya who only loves rich lifestyle and doesnot think about her furious hubby attitude. At last she aware that Wasay is torturing her phsically and mentally. Wasay is puppet of his own sister and sister in law who want to gain all of Wasay wealth. tinkay ka sahara full story is very amazing.

Qadar is an orphan girl who lives with her married sister Romana. Romana mother-in-law hates her and married Qadar to a lazy person, Hammad. After married Qadar start a cooking catering business. Which change her husband into a diligent and respectable man. It grow their relationship and they both.

tinkay ka sahara episode 13

In Episode 13 we see that Sonya Husyn and his mother in law are very sad and remember the Haroon Rashid. On the other hand Rabab Hashim insist that she does not want to get divorced from Sami Khan. She tells her parent to help her to save her husband life they both agree. Sami Khan sister met the Sonya Husyn and his family. She apologies to them and give the blank checque to their family for the sake of her brother life. Saba faisal and Sonya Husyn get angered and told her to leave the house. Sami Khan sister came to know that Sami lawyer and his husband cheated them. They make a plot to give the capital punishment to Sami khan and get the wealth of him. Sami Khan sister told her husband that i know your truth and you will not succeed in your plan. That was the end of 13 episode.

tinkay ka sahara episode 14 Promo

In Episode 14 of Tinkay Ka Sahara we see that Saba Faisal insist that she will not forgive her son killer. In next scene Sami Khan lawyer tells his sister after the acceptance of crime from Sami there is no chance of escape from death penalty. In the Jail meeting Rabab Hashim Promise to her husband Sami that she will give hundred percent to free him from capital punishment.

tinkay ka sahara episode 15

In Episode 15 Saba Faisal little son Sajjad black mail her mother on insistence of her wife. They both want to forgive Sami Khan and in exchange desire money from the Sami Khan. Saba denied their wish. At last Sajjad and his wife left the house. Saba Faisal get depress that one son is dead and other is left her. So she is crying. Sonya Husain don’t want to forgive her husband murderer. Sajjad wife tells Saba that Sonya will marry to anyone in future. So for the sake of her living son Sajjad please forgive the Sami Khan because religion also give the permission. Sami Khan is praying to Allah. Sami Khan wife and sister encourages him that one day he will be released.

tinkay ka sahara drama ost

tinkay ka sahara full ost is very heart touching.

Aye Ajnabi

Tu Kbhi Sunta Ni

Roz de k

Aik Ghm Ginta Ni

Meri Bekarari Hai

Mera Junon

Jo Chenegi Mere

Dil Ka Sukon

Ye Bechrgi Ku Sahu

Phrty hain Mare Mare

Jesy koi bkhry Tare

Rasta Dikha De Ya Khuda

Jena Lgta Hai Mushkil

Dhundum Me Kaise Manzil

Rasta Dika De Ya Khuda

Hasraten Jo Mit Jati Hen

Lut Tha Hai Pir Jahan

Askh Dil me hi bethe hain

Hai Ye Ajab Dastan

Kia Dil Ka Pagham Sunaon

Me Apne Ghamo Ko

Kia Anjam Doon

Ye Bechargi Ku Sahun

Phrty Hain Maare Mare

Jaise Ko Bikhre Tare

Rasta Dika De Ya Khuda

Jena Lgta Hai mushkil

Dhundun me Kasy manzil

Rasta Dika De Ya Khuda


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