Fraud Pakistani Drama, Story, Actors,Tv Channel,Theme Song, Cast, OST?

Fraud is a 2022 Ary Digital Pakistani Drama with versatile actors and actress in the lead cast.. It is a very unique story with interesting show. Drama raise a voice on social issue which is common in Pakistan Society but not be criticise that issue openly. Drama is currently presented on Ary Screen. Handsome Ahsan Khan has performed the star lead negative role in serial. Gorgeous Saba Qamar is the Heroine of Drama Fraud. Drama Fraud is directed by Saqib Khan. Zanjabeel Asim Khan has penned down the script. Abdullah Seja has produced it under the banner of iDream entertainment.

Who are the main role in Fraud?

Saba Qamar as Maya Shan e Nisar, Mikaal Zulfiqar as shaan kumar, Ahsan Khan as Shujat Shaji/Chaudary Hashim/Tabraiz/Atray is in the main role in Fraud Drama. Trio have their second project. Early in 2011 three star perform together in Pani Jaisa Pyar. Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan in past featured in Dastaan, Pani Jasa Pyar, Na Kaho Tum mere Nahi and Momi Rano.

Cast of Fraud

Rabya Kulsoom as Maila

Asma Abbas as Kulsoom

Annie Zaidi as Jahanara

Mehmood Aslam as Nisar

Nida Mumtaz as Shehnaz

Alee Hasan Shah as Talal Khan

Saife Hassan as Khawar

Amna Malick as Rehan

Saba Qamar as Maya

Most Popular and talented actress Saba Qamar has performed the character of Maya in Urdu serial Fraud. She has appeared in many super hit Pakistani dramas and films. Kamli is one of the hit movie. She is now 38 years old.

Mikaal Zulfiqar as Shaan

Mikal Zulfiqar has act as a role of Shaan in Television serial Fraud. He is a super actor of Pakistani showbiz industry. He has performed the lead role in various Pakistani films and dramas.

Ahsan khan as Tabraiz

Ahsan Khan perform as a main role of Tabraiz in the drama. He is playing the role of villain where he betray the innocent girls. He is a senior Pakistani actor and model. He is a good addition to Pakistani Fashion Industry. Meray Humnasheen is his latest dramas.

Asma Abbas as Shan’s Mother

Asma Abbas has played the role of Shan mother in tv serial Fraud. She is part of Pakistani entertainment industry for many years.

Mehmood Aslam as Nisar

Senior Pakistani actor Mehmood Aslam has played the Saba Qamar father in soap opera Fraud. He is member of Pakistani showbiz industry for several decades.

Adnan Samad Khan as Nail

Adnan Samad has played the role of Nail in drama series Fraud.Ehd e Wafa is his debut drama. Ishq e Laa is his latest drama.

Rabia Kulsoom as Maila

Rabya Kulsoom has performed the role of Saba Qamar younger sister Maila in tv show Fraud. She is also a Pakistani Youtuber where her dance video is viral. She is good addition to Pakistani drama industry.

Saife Hassan

Saife Hassan is a most famous Pakistani actor and director. He debut her career in Pakistani Showbiz industry in 1996.

Overview and Story of Fraud

Pakistani drama makers have finally started making serial which discuss the issue of real life problems in society. Fraud drama raise the issue of hypocrisy in the society. The drama comes on air on Pakistani channel Ary Digital. The drama is revolving around Saba Qamar role as Maya. She belongs to a Middle class family where getting the daughters wedding is first responsibility. Nisar weds her daughter to a wealthy man Shujat. Maya hubby disappear after shot span. Her family files a report to Police station about that but they came to know that the man they are looking for is a fraudster. He married girls, snatch all their wealth and leaves them alone. Maya get sad and heartbroken. Maya family moves to Lahore. Maya began a Job at a boutique. The boutique owner has a stepson from whom she wants to get all the wealth. She gets Maya weds to him without oufolding the past of Maya. On the other side Shujat has married Shaan sister and lives in the same villa as Maya.Shaan throw out Maya from the house and trust everything that his stepmother has tells.

After Maya leaves Shan stepmother cheats him into getting all the property for him. Shaan has no penny. Shan returns to Maya House. At the end Shujat cheat Shaan mother and get all the wealth. Shaan mother calls him and apologize to both Maya and Shaan. At the Shujat caught by police with the help of Maya and Shaan. Stroy of Fraud Tv series is on social issue. It circle around the Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and in later stage Mikal Zulfiqar. Saba Qamar plays a role of girl which is cheated by her husband Ahsan Khan after the first night of marriage. Ahsan Khan plays the role of greedy man who marriages the innocent girl and loot their jewelry, money and then escape.

Where the Fraud is shoot?

Fraud is shoot in Karachi and Lahore.

Who gives the music of Fraud?

Fraud title song “Mere Dildar Sanam” is sung by Ali Zafar and Hina Nasarullah. Language of song is Punjabi and Urdu. It is release under the label of Ary and duration is 5 minutes. Song is written by Ali Zafar and Produce by iDream. Theme music composer is Octave Studio.

Critics on Fraud Tv Drama

Actor performs very well their role. Every one looks deep in their role. Saba, Ahsan, Mikal, Mehmood all are sublime actor in this drama. All supporting actors are superb in their role. Story is new on Pakistani Tv. I have not seen such a unique drama before. Story is the backbone of drama. However one thing they done is wrong. They take too long to end the drama. If they prolong too much to this drama audience will lose their interest. Drama has every thing love,suspense, thrill, action, sadness,fun. It is the best drama on Tv screen in Pakistan currently in 2022. If i have to give the star to this drama I will give 9 out of 10 star.

Where can you watch Fraud Drama?

You can watch Fraud Drama on Ary Tv in Pakistan. You can watch on youtube on Ary channel.

Fraud drama is in which country?

Fraud drama is televised from Pakistan

Fraud drama is in which language?

Fraud drama is in urdu language

What is the timing of Fraud Drama?

Fraud drama is televised on Saturday night at 8pm. It is televised once in a week on Ary Digital HD.

Fraud Drama is in which year televised?

Fraud dama is televised in year 2022.

What is the effect of Fraud Series on Audience?

Fraud drama has long lasting effect on his viewer. Its story is encouraging for the women. Saba Qamar performs a strong character. Saba Qamar was cheated by her husband in this series. But she shows courage and came out of this upset. She starts a fashion designer Job where she gets a chance to marry second time after so much insistence of he parents. This drama focus on women empowerment. This Tv series also show that you can not trust unknown person very quickly only seeing his wealth. Greed is a curse. This series does not show typical love story. It gives her audience some thing to think and analyze about it. Overall its a brilliant superb drama of the 2022 season. It deserve a lot of applause and praise from critics. I will give ten out of ten because it change the dynamics of Pakistani drama. Heads off to the team behind the Fraud drama.

2 Reason Fraud is best entertaining Pakistani drama in 2022-23

There are two major reason which makes Fraud drama as the best entertaining drama in Pakistan

01 Reason Fraud Drama Storyline

Basic cause of Fraud drama super hit is its main story line and theme. Fraud discuss the issue of a male who cheat the innocent girl marry them and spoil their life. It is a quite moral learning story. At the end truth and honesty wins. The credit goes to writer for writing such a mind blowing story.

02 Reason Fraud Drama Cast

Second and most outstanding reason is Fraud drama Cast. Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and Mikal Zulfiqar are in lead role. Other supporting actors are performing their role superbly. Every character has performing the role magnificently.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is a Pakistani Tv actress and Model. She has won Lux Style Awards. she was born on 5th April 1984 in Hyderabad Sindh. She grown in Gujranwala and went Lahore for higher studies. Her famous drama is Mein Chup Hoon, Rat Kay Dairay, Jo Chale to Jan se Guzar Gaye and many other famous drama serial.

Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan is a british born Pakistani National. He is a tv actor, model and Tv host. He appeared in movies Ghr Kab Aogay, Ishq Khuda and many other Tv serial. He born in 09 october 1981 London

Mikaal zulfiqar

Mikal Zulfiqar is a Pakistani actor, model and Tv host. He perform in Saiqaa, Shehr e Zaat, Mirat ul Aroos and Alif Allah aur Insand Tv serials. He born in 5 September 1981 London, Uk

Which is the best drama in 2022 Pakistan?

Fraud is one of the best drama currently 2022 in Pakistan.

Who is maila/myla in Fraud?

Rabya kalsoom is performing the character of maila in Fraud. she perform her roll very brilliantly.

What happens in Drama Fraud?

Fraud is a story of cheating and dishonesty. The main story is about Maya, the daughter of an Educator and Tabraiz who marries with Maya with his trickery. Whe Tabraiz fraud came to known by Maya they feel very sad. Saba Qamar as Maya is the daughter of Nisar.

Who is Talal in Fraud?

Alee Hasan Shah perfom the role of Tala in Fraud. He is in real life a computer science graduate who always loves acting?

How old is Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan is 41 years old. (October 9,1981)

Who is Mikaal Zulfiqar wife?

Zulfiqar got engaged to gorgeous Sara Bhatti in 2010. They got married in 2012 and have two daughters.

How Tall is Mikaal Zulfiqar?

Mikal Zulfiqar height is 1.83 m

How Tall is Ahsan Khan?

Ahsan Khan height is 1.8 m.

How tall is Saba Qamar?

Saba Qamar height is 1.66m

Recap of last Episode 33 of Fraud

In Episode 33 we see that Mikaal Zulfiqar mother request to forgive the fraud of Ahsan Khan for the sake of Mikal sister. Ahsan Khan apology to Mikal and say he has done these fraud due to some difficult situation. Now he wants that he married tooba because he love mikal sister. On the other hand Saba Qamar decide to catch the Ahsan Khan and goes to police station for FIR. But inspector refused. Ahsan Khan wants to tooba came back in his life. But tooba reject him. Mikal Khan decide to go abroad with his daughter. He gives power of attorney to his step mother. Saba Qamar meet with other girl who is cheated by Ahsan Khan. Saba Qamar decide to use Social Media to open up the fraud of Ahsan Khan. Ahsan Khan and Mikal zulfiqar step mother take the business of Mikal. Mikal came back to country. Mikal first wife calls him and told that why alway his wife is wrong all the time. Mikal met his step mother and she told all the business now owns her. Mikal looks very disappointed and very sad due to reality of his step mother.

Upcoming Episode 34 of Fraud Promo

In upcomig Episode 34 of Fraud we will see that Ahsan Khan dies. Ahsan Khan mother in law insult him. Mikal Zulfiqar left the house and the buiness. Mikal will go to meet the Saba Qamar with her daughter and lives with her. Episode 34 will be televised on 24 December 2022 on Ary Digital. Episode 34 of Fraud will be thrilling, suspensive and entertaining.

Fraud Drama Episod 35 Digital Pakistan Promo

Last Episode of Fraud Drama will be televised on 31 December 2022 Saturday night. Fraud drama end will be very entertaining and thrilling. Drama going to be sensational in the final episode. Saba Qamar as Maya father Mehmood will finaly get happiness. His second daughter will become mother in future. Mikaal mother cheated by Ahsan Khan. she will suffer from heart attack. Mikal sister call him and tells that her mother is so sick and remembering Mikal. Mikal visit her mother and mother apologise to him. Ahsan Khan is very happy but Maya and other girl who are cheated by Ahsan Khan visit his house and he is very afraid. Fraud Ary Digital drama come to its logical end. Story is very entertaining and enjoyable.

Review and Public Reaction to the Final Episode of Fraud Drama

The drama was about a parent who wish to marry his daughters with rich person. Ary Digital televised the drama last episode saturday night 31st december 2022. Shaan and Maya love story ended joyfully.

Fraud is a marvelous Ary Digital drama written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah directed by Saqib Khan under iDream Entertainment Productions. Ahsan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Saba Qamar Asma Abbas, Mehmood Aslam, Nida Mumtaz, Adnan Samad Khan and Rabia Kalsoom starred. The play theme was about a story who marry off his daughters to rich families but destroyed their lives Maya. Last Episode of Fraud drama was televised. In the end Maya and Shaan catch Shajji. Maya and Shaan love story ended joyfully. Shaan mother regretted and retutned the property to Shaan. Drama ending was very good. Drama was very amazing with the performance of charachter, story, amazing direction and production. Fraud drama reveal the truth picture of society. Fan will miss it.Drama Serial Fraud end was praised by some viewers. Some criticise that Shajji end will be more worsen than show in the end. So overall the Fraud drama was very well written.


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