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Betiyan is a story of a loving Father, going through huge trouble for the love of his five daughters. Trouble created by his mother and divorced sister, he has also deal with the ill society. His family is downfalling due to wrong understanding and Father Laiq Ahmed is struggling to make the life happier for his daughters.

Laiq Ahmad is a caring father of five daughters, being a single parents he always help her daughters in the hour of need. Fatima Effendi performing the role of Fiza is caring elder sister. She is act like a mother of her four sisters after the death of mother.

Mahe noor Haider as Aiza is second daughter and university student. She loves her classmate Saad but hesitant to make any step against his father will.

Osama Tahir as Saad is the lover of Aiza, however in future what come next don’t know. Fahad Sheik as a Danish married to Fiza and blame her for his miserable life.

Tania Husain as Anum,Qudsia Ali as Hania and Eman Khan as Komal are Laiq Ahmad’s three daughters. A father has to surrender huge amount of happiness for the sake of her daughters.

Who is the Writer of Betiyan Drama?

Asma Sayani is the writer of Betiyan

Who is the Director of Betiyan?

Meesam Naqvi is the Director of Betiyan

Who is the Cast of Betiyan?

  1. Fatima Effendi
  2. M. Ahmed
  3. Mah e Noor Haider
  4. Fahad Sheikh
  5. Qudsia Ali
  6. Tania Hussain
  7. Beena Masroor
  8. Emaan Khan
  9. Javeria Saud
  10. Shahrayar Zaidi
  11. Osama Tahir
  12. Sabahat Bukhari
  13. Saad Fareedi
  14. Sajjad Pal

Which date Betiyan is on Air?

Betiyan is telecast on 7:00pm from 8 october 2022 daily on Ary Digital

How many episodes are telecast on Ary Digitat Betiyan?

Till 13.12.2022 date 66 episodes are telecast.

Who is the Producer and Production company of Betiyan?

Fahad Mustafa is the Producer and Big Bang Entertainment is Production of Betiyan

What is the total duration of One Episode of Betiyan?

Total running time of one episode is almost 37 minutes and this is the fist season of Betiyan. Its Audio Format is Stereo and released in 2022.

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