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Big Bet Season 2 is an upcoming Korean drama on Netflix & Disney plus. Big Bet Season 2 Kdrama is penned by writer one of the most popular writer Kang Yoon Sun. Big Bet Season 2 Netflix series is directed by most trending director Nam Ki Hoon. Netflix series Big Bet season 2 kdrama release date is 15th Feburary 2023. Drama also televised on Disnye Plus every Wednesday at 9:00 Pm. Viewers can Watch Big Bet Season 2 Korean series Episode 1 will be broadcast online on Netflix & Disney Plus official channel. Big Bet Season 2 korean drama cast includes starring Choi Min sik & Son Suk Ku.

Big Bet Season 2 Cast

Big Bet Season 2 cast includes most popular actors of korean drama industry. Korean showbiz industry is famous for producing high class, legendary and most trending serials. Korean film industry is most famous all over the world for producing outstanding art work. Big Bet Seaon 2 is one of the latest hit tv series of korean tv. Cast includes mega star of korean fashion industry and media insdustry.

  • Choi Min Sik as Cha Moo Sik
  • Son Suk Koo as Oh Seung Hoon
  • Lee Dong Hwi as Yang jang Pal
  • Heo Sung Tae as Seo Tae Seok

Big Bet Season 2 drama story

Big Bet Season 2 drama story is based on action and crime. The drama revolve around the trouble of a man name Cha Moo Sik. Cha Moo Sik get a name in the casino world after so many struggle in his life. He finally trap in a murder case. This lead to his life total destruction. Cha Mu sik take a step to began his last bet risking his life. There is a lot of emotions, thrill, action, suspense and entertainment. Korean dramas fan will watch and enjoy the netflix series. At the end there is a moral lesson that illegal things and crimes are not justified and you have to pay the penalty. This story is very unique. Audience will applause and series will get higher rating and views. Critics surely applause the korean drama Big Bet Season 2.

Big Bet Season 2 South Korean drama release date

15 Feburary 2023 is release date of Big Bet Season 2 netflix series.

Big Bet Season 2 Kdrama timing

Big Bet Season 2 Kdrama timing is every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM. Its duration will be for one hour.

Big Bet Season 2 Kdrama writer

Big Bet Season 2 series is penned by one of the most popular korean writer Kang Yoon Sung.

Big Bet Season 2 Kdrama director

Kang Yoon Sung & Nam Ki Hoon is the director of Big Bet Season 2.


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