4 ways Wabal is No.1 Pakistani drama in 2022-23

Wabal is a Hum Tv Pakistan drama serial. Wabal starts in 2022 in Urdu language. Wabal is produce under the banner of MD production and produced by Momina Duraid for Hum Tv. Momina Duraid needs no introduction. She gives many blockbuster drama serial in the past. There are four wonderful reason which indicates that Wabal drama is No.1 Pakistani drama in 2022-23. I will discussed that major reason below;

01 Reason Wabal drama story

The first and main reason Wabal drama is super duper hit is its storyline and theme. Wabal story revolve around the practice of Riba (usury) and the greediness for wealth. Story main focus is that how rich people blackmail the poor people in the name of giving loan. Sara Khan is in lead role show the character of greedy women. Who wnats everything by hook and by crrook. Shagufta Ejaz is playing the role of rich women who gives the loan to poor people and takeback higher interest. Story is one of the unique topic in Pakistan Tv industry.

02 Reason Wabal drama celebrity cast

Talha Chahour Sarah Khan Meerub Ali Shagufta Ejaz Saleem Sheikh Tara Mehmood Muhammad Hunbal Raza Ali Abid Sabiha Hashmi Kinza Malik Sachal Afzal Hareem Sohail sohail masood NidaKhan Hira Sheikh Tasneem Ansari are in the main cast and supporting cast. Talha, Sarah and Shagufta are fabulous in their role. The play their role very realistic. Each and everyone in the cast playing their role brilliantly.

03 Reason Wabal drama Writer, Producer, Director and Tv Channel

Qaisra Hayat is the writer of mindblowing Wabal Tv serial. Amin Iqbal is the brilliant director of Wabal serial. Momina Duraid is the producer of Wabal Tv. series. Hum Tv telecast the show. All have done extremely wonderful background work. Script,direction and productions is marvelous of Wabal Tv show.

04 Reason Wabal drama Music, OST, Entertainment, Lyrics

Wabal Music OST is very entertaining. It has attract the audience. That is also one of the main that Wabal drama is super hit in 2022-23


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