The Best High Paying Careers for Women

According to BLS survey many jobs give high incomes for women such as law, management, health care are among the best money making careers.The gender gap pay exists. However gender gap pay decrease with the time.Women now earn 82 cents for every dollar men earned.


Lawyers represent government organizations, non profit companies, individual customers and clients on legal matters.Female attorney earn a median annual salary of $86500.You need a four year bachelor degree and three year of school training to become a professional lawyer.In order to work in America lawyer must pass their state bar examination.


Doctor/Physicians diagnose medical conditions,prescribe medicines, make treatment plans and examine patients.Physicians are often specialize in various fields such as medicine,surgeon,orthopedic etc.According to report of BLS physicians earn a median annual income of $99000.


Chief executives plan, manage and overlook an organization operations.They work to ensure that their organization gain their targets.Generally CEO earn the highest salary of all management jobs. Their Job is demanding long working hours. They are responsible for success of organization.Chief executives work in a private and public sector jobs.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner provide either secondary or primary healthcare.They have at least a master degree in field and a state license.They are known as advance registered practice nurse.Nurse practitioner overlook patient care.They work jointly with physicians or solely.Women Nurse Practitioner earn median annual salary of $97000.

High School and Elementary School Teacher

Women in US in large number employed with teaching profession. They earn handsome salaries. At least a Bachelor degree in one subject is good for professional teaching at high school level. You need some type of teaching diplomas and pass exam tests at state level to recruit as a teacher.


Women are by nature very caring creature. Medicine profession is one for them.Pharmacist manage and dispense medicines to patients who get a prescription from their physicians.Pharmacist advice on medicine usage.Pharmacist possess Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and must be licensed.Pharmacist can get license by passing two professional exams.

Pharmacists work in drugstore pharmacies and grocery while other are employed in clinics or hospitals.Women make a median income of $112000 per annum.

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers overlook hiring,recruiting, interviewing new person for an organization team.Human resource workers ready to handle workplace disputes and ready to solve problems.Women human resource manager earn a median annual income of $83000.They oversee employees payroll,training and benefit.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App developer design and creates various mobile apps such as games etc.They writer code to improve mobile apps.The job is growing for next decades.Women Mobile App Developer earn handsome pay packages in this field.


Engineer repair,modify and design electrical, computer, chemical, physical structure.They specialize in sector electrical,computer,mechanical and civil engineering.Their income approaches to six figures. However income varies with the engineering field.Women Engineer earns a median annual income of $72000.

Information Technology Manager

They implement, manage and analyze computer related projects.They overlook system database, software and hardware company IT approaches and planning.They possess a special IT graduate degrees. Women IT manager earn a median annual income of $99000.

Web Developer

They design and develop website. They need to expert in web languages and coding such as php, javascript. They often work on various website platform such as wordpress, joomla. Women Web developer earn hefty salaries.

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