The restaurant chain told earlier this month that IHOP National Pancake Day is set to make its yearly offering at participating restaurant locations nationwide from 7 am to 7 pm on Tuesday Feb.13.

IHOP has paired annual tradition with a month long fundraising campaign intended to help those suffering from food insecurity. Consumers have ability to add couple dollars or more to bills in restaurant or online February.

Ten melas will be provided to person facing hunger for every $1 donated.

National Pancake Day deal IHOP

There are things you might want to keep in mind before you run to your nearest IHOP to get your free stack of buttermilk pancakes.

The promotional offer limits and exclusion are outlined below.

Million of people are working hard to provide for themselves and families yet nearly 1 in 7 people in US are unable to access the food they need to struggle.

Tackling food insecurity is not something we can do alone and we are thrilled to have companions like IHOP join us in movement to end hunger to support our communities.

Pancake Day What is Shrove Tuesday and when is it celebrated?

In 2024 Pancake Day will fall on Tuesday 13 February around a week before than last year. Pancake Day is annual celebration enjoyed by many across the world in the lead up to Christian festival of Easter.

The day before Valentine Day is Galentine Day of course when we shine some well deserved sweetness on friend we hold so dear.

IHOP is observing National Pancake Day 2024 on Feb 13 . Completely pancaking out over a popular food holiday one tha IHOP has celebrated for few years.

Filing us with Cheer hope and all good and loving emotions that middle of February is said to bring? Feeding America an organization devoted to ending hunger in country is beneficiary.

You are invited to donate at IHOP after you enjoy your short stack or online.

IHOP has designated The Month of Giving as February so go to site through Feb 29 and give what you can.

IHOP free pancakes are a dine in treat more about free pancakes on Feb 13.

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