Bruno Mars Allegedly Owes $50 Million in Gambling Debt

Bruno Mars struck a deal with MGM Casino and now has a mega multi million dollar debt to pay off.

The musician who unveiled his multi year residency with MGM Resorts International in 2016 in Las Vegas owes large debts at the table.

Bruno Mars recently entered the 9th year of his residency at Park MGM in Las Vegas which he extended with 12 shows taking place through out 2024.

Mars has open about his affinity for gambling in past media interviews sharing that he visited his first casino at 19 years old and is unknown singer covered his rent by playing cards.

He owes millions to MGM from gambling. MGM basically own him.

He makes ninety million dollar a year off of the deal he did with the casino but he has to pay his debt after taxes.

After tax deduction Mars is left with a sum of $60 million net worth.

Back in 2016 president of MGM Resorts International claimed Mars is among the most talented performers in world and we are excited to start a long term relationship with him across our industry leading portfolio of entertainment venues

bruno mars wife

Jessica caban is bruno mars partner

bruno mars net worth 2024

bruno mars net worth is $175 million.


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