How to stream series premiere of Diara From Detroit for free on BET

The series premiere of Diarra from Detroit is set to air on BET on Saturday March 16 at 10 pm ET.

A live stream of new episode can be search on Fubo TV free trial, Philo free trial and other streamin services listed below.

Diarra from Detroit is a clever, humorous mystery with irreveren sleuth that will have laughing one minute and on edge of your seat next.

Exec produce by black ish creator kenya Barris and BET studios eigh episode series Thursday March 21 on BET+ first 3 installments drop on premiere day followed by weekly releases on Thursday for remaining 5 episodes.

Diarra is a schoolteacher who returns to her inner city Detroit neighborhood while going through a divorce. She is very sentimental about her ex it unclear whether she is deeply heartbroken or humiliated.

Diarra re enters the dating scene through dating app Tinder and falls for first guy she meets only to have him ghost her or has he?

Diarra is convinced her beau wouldnot disappear because attraction was mutual and he had made plans for 2nd date.

Her friends thinks she is living in fantasyland. When she goes to his house and instead of her date see a mysterious man tied to chair. Diarra puts on her detective hat.

Some farcical scenes looks to be there just to laugh at hood stereotype. Diarra social circle consist of stock characters.

How can I watch Diarra From Detroit for free?

If you do not have traditional cable you can stream the latest episodes of Diarra from Detroit on BET using platforms like DirectTV Stream free trial, Fubo TV free trial and Philo free trial.

What are the differences between the streaming services?

DirectTV Stream is same as FuboTv same channel provides. Basic package priced at $74.99 per month with free trial include just 75 live tv channels.

You can explore DirectTV stream channel packages on website.

FuboTV is live TV streaming service focused on live sports including US, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB.It offers 150 channels starting at $74.99 including 1000 hours of DVR and streams.

Philo is live TV streaming service focused on entertainment channels like MTV Discovery and Paramount Network.

IT offers 60+ channels for $25 per month. It has unlimited DVR and can be streamed on all app enabled devices.

What is the show about?

Show theme is about following a divorcing school teacher who refuses to believe she has been ghosted by her rebound tinder date her search for missing man pulls her into a decade old mystery involving the Detroit underworld.





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