Wrap Dress, Homeware, Custom Furniture inside Diane Von Furstenberg 200+ Piece Target Collaboration

Diane Von Furstenberg 200+ piece Target collaboration may not be debuting until March 23, however the designer has been using one of tone bags from the collection for past several months as her verified go to everything fits bag.

Bedecked in geometric black and white vintage wave print from label 1970 archives. New York headquarters during a zoom meeting. You can put so much in it.

The designer did not stick to familiar for the event either. Along with wrap dresses, cargo pants, outerwear, loungewear, there will be beauty home decor and even made to order furniture that can be customized in one of 7 exclusive diane von Furstenberg for Target fabrics.

Price start at $4 with most of the clothing under $50. of course the Target version of the signature wrap dress will be included in the assortment too.

The brand is celebrating 50 years of iconic style in 2024. In 1970 Von Furstenberg arrived in New York City with dream and with suitcase full of Italian made printed jersey.

In 1974 the wrap dress was born.

The collection will be available in various stores and online for limited time starting March 23, super fancy and shop and explore the collection early at public event March 15-16 at The Shed in New York City Hudson Yards.

This year is all about celebrating past. At the same time while we are celebrating the past we are incubating and preparing for the future.

Von Furstenberg worked with granddaughter, Talita Von Furstenberg to develop the collection.It about celebrating creativity and colors and lifestyle of happiness and cheerfulness.” she says.

More on prints which are highlights of collection. For occassion Von Furstenberg du Furstenberf deep into archives to bring back some of her own favorites.

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