Wolverine’s Infamous child come back as Marvel’s Next Ghost Rider:zack synder wolverine release date:next marvel release

Wolverine’s mutant son has made epic come back as new Ghost Rider in Hellverine #1. The new story released this week and Hellverine;s first ever solo series.

In first issue the demonic force famous as Bagra Ghul is seen in past with flashback showing Wolverine’s day when he was changed into deadly killing machine famous as Hellverine.

In present Virginia and DC area a new Hellverine has risen and science lab devoted to arsenal of Hell sees the rise of all new Hellfire Warriors.

The new variant has come into play he has ridden around on Ghost Rider motorcycle and went on murderous rampage killing priest, serial killers and even a dinner party of cannibals to turn them into shrines of Mephisto.

Wolverine recognizing the new Hellverine as his son through his tattoos. Hellverine is #1 available from Marvel comics.

Wolverine’s Son Has Various Names Throughout Marvel Comics

Daken, Wolverine’s son who was born Akihiro was created by Dahiel Way and Steve Dillion.

The character seen in Wolverine Original back in 2007. Daken was raised by villain Romulus as killer and made to hate Wolverine for abandoning him.

Daken has healing factor and claw powers of father while being shown as manipulate pheromones.

Daken has gone on to bear title of Wolverine in Dark Avengers 2009, Fang in Marauders 2022.

Hellverine #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


On sale May 29. Arts by Julius OHTA. Benjamin Percy written by.

The new Hellverine series is written by Benjamin Percy and features art by Julius Ohta.

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