Vince McMahon & WWE under DOJ Investigation: Rap and Sex Trafficking case paused

The horrific sex and rape trafficking allegation against forme WWE boss Vince McMahon would not have their day in court thanks to Department of Justice.

In a sealed filing the US Attorney office for Southern District of New York gifted material to federal court for investigation they have opened into disgraced McMahon World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE ex head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

The US Attorney office of Empire State Southern District declined to comment or offer guidance when contacted by Deadline today.

However five months later Jamel Grant filed her allegations against McMahon, WWE and others her attorney confirms the DOJ’s long anticipated move is important enough to stop initial case in tracks for time being.

MS Grant has consented to request by US Attorney for Southern District of New York to stay her case against Mr McMahon WWE and Mr Laurinaitis pursuant to pending non public investigation. Grant lawyer said

“We will cooperate with all next steps”.

McMahon lawyer sidestepped the footprint in case by DOJ.

“We remain confident the evidence will prove Ms Grants allegations are false and her complaint is noting more than a fabricated vindictive narrative from disgruntled former girlfriend”.

Grant and McMahon agreed to $3 million payout in 2022 to keep her allegations about McMahon from becoming public.

That included an NDA. The plaintiff held up her end of deal Grant suits says but McMahon has only paid her $1 million so fat.

Grant is seeking to have NDA invalidated among other measures

Pair of days after issuing vehement denials of Grant accusations, McMahon cut his last leadership ties with WWE parent company TKO Group on January 27.

A steep fall from McMahon pivotal role overseeing the Septement 2023 merger of wrestling organization with UFC in $21.4 billion combo that created TKO where McMahon became Executive Chairman.

Following some sales of McMahon own beforehand. TKO agreed in April to buy a combined $311.2 million of cacophonous exec stock.

McMahon is understood to hold hefty stake in TKO still at least for now.

Slightly clear idea where how harsh that spotlight is shining on McMahon despite his denials of any misconduct.

McMahon was already under microscope in settled internal investigation 2 years ago by Endeavor owned WWE for millions in hush money payment to various women.

In summer of 2023 WWE admitted that things were not over. Noting related government investigations remain ongoing the company opened up in a SEC filing last year search warrant had been executed against McMahon and company and federal grand jury subpoena had been served on McMahon.

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