What types of fees do super funds charge? How to compare low fee superannuation funds. Other factors to consider when choosing a super fund.

What types of fees do super funds charge?

Australian super funds charge a range of fees for different purposes generally for 30 days period. The most usual types of superannuation fees include.

Transaction Fees

Fees chargeable when anyone make a transaction such as withdrawing money or contributing to the fund.

Advice Fees

Fees for fiscal advice given about your investments and super.

Insurance Premiums

The cost of insurance coverage like life insurance or total and permanent disability cover

Administration Fees

Fees to cover the cost of managing and operating your super fund membership.

Investment Fees

Fees for investment management which can differ due to investment and fund strategy.

Switching Fees

Fees for changing your investment mix within fund.

Admin fees are charged every month that you are member of fund.The fees are deducted from your super account at any time you fulfil the criteria.

Can you manage your own super fund?

Self managed superannuation fund are most famous superannuation in Australia. It is your personal fund that gives you complete authority how your money is invested.

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