Top Jobs for Graduate With an Anthropology Degree

An anthropology degree will educate you with diverse skills that you can apply to various jobs and institution.Anthropology majors shape skills like information gathering, writing and observing to the employ.If you are attractive by various cultures,present and past and how they effect gender roles and work roles.

Anthropology major about the diversity of culture throughout human history.They are about new ideas of life roles.Anthropology collects information through the observation of people within domestic subculture and foreign cultures.Anthropology learn method of leadership and evaluate the effectiveness of company. They grow the tools to analyze group dynamics.

Top Jobs for Anthropology Majors

Public Health Specialist

Public Health Specialist overlooks step that concern health requirement in various communities.They plan and implement programs to literate the public about prevention , treatment and health problems.Anthropology major would assist health workers to make their projects and communication with in respectful cultural context.Anthropology study give advantage how people act in sanitary practices with different cultures.

Media Planner

Media Planner analyze media choices of different consumer groups in order to determine which media company should use to advertise a product. Media planner communicate and work with members of an advertising group.The anthropology can also assist a media planner to understand different consumer groups.


Attorney practicing in field of human rights, immigration, international benefit from various culture contexts of various foreign countries.Attorney work on detail and writing skills of anthropology major as they make cases brief and compose legal documents.

Foreign Service Officer

A foreign service officer works for the government especially serving as a diplomat in a foreign country.Foreign service officer must be equipped with knowledge of cultural history of the countries where they work.Foreign Service officer exam test held in once in a year in US.Anthropology major help foreign service officer to shape their interpersonal written and verbal skills to carry out their job.

Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign Language teacher educate teacher how to write, speak a special foreign languages.They literate student about the cultures and countries that speak the language they are teaching.In every states of US teachers to pass a test to gain a teaching certificate.Anthropology major assist you as a foreign language teacher to develop their own curricula and plan the detail of lesson.

Diversity Officer

Diversity officers escalate diversity in different companies.In this job they need the anthropology major for different culture and socioeconomic group.Diversity officers collect data about current company practices and suppose different ways to retain and hire various employees from different backgrounds.

Translator or Interpreter

Interpreter and translator interpret information from one language to another with written language or sign and spoken language.Anthropology degree can use their cultural knowledge accurately and translate communication into various languages.

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