The Eurozone recession period is nearing an end. Positive spike for eurozone economy

Positive hike in eurozone economic. The European Commission economic sentiment symbol improved in last December. It remained at lowest level. Less positive was the inflation all over the eurozone. European Central bank is unlikely to pushed into easing.

A significant symbol within both the EU and the eurozone view a spike in positivity over the employment expectation, economy despite less progress in sales.

The European Commission economic sentiment show improved to 96.4 in December from 93.8 in November. The indicator is on the lower side it is 3rd increase.

The Eu include nations meeting specific membership standard, while the eurozone includes countries using the euro as their vital currency. Confidence rise in construction +0.8 and retail sector +1.4 . At the same duration, there was a mega rise in services segment sentiment +2.9.Economic sentiment is now turn mount its long term average in all major segments except for industry.

Industrial confidence +0.3 improved. Inventories now view to be going down. Manufacturing sector view a several months of subdued activity. The ESI measures confidence across several segments, consumers at 20%, service providers at 30%, manufactures 40% constructors and retails at 5% each.

Germany view a 2.5% decline in retail volume, while France 0.4% rise assist this decline. Retail sales decline by 1.1% extending a 14 period of contraction. Major EU economies Germany and Spain both spike by 2.4 Points,Itla view a 2.6 pint surge.France had a decline of 1/2 points and Netherlands experienced a 1.1 pint drop.Poland sentiment increase by only 0.2 points.

The outlook of retail sales in the eurozone was not as positive. This is the most important decline in retail volume since August. The employment expectation indicator EEI consolidating manager employment plans across industry, retail trade, services, construction also indicate a positive outlook. It surge by a 1/2 points in the EU reaching 102.4.

The data on inflation was not optimistic. In all segments, rose and apart from industry, remain above their long term average. Consumer inflation expectation also spiked, after having decreased in the three months prior.

Consumer confidence spike in December with a better current scenario and estimation for next 12 months. The rising salaries and energy prices are contributing to this. Retail sell fell 0.3% month on month in November, Household spent more on services.\

All sub indicators in European Commission survey rise.

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