The Aussie sporting event attracting corporate travellers

According to Corporate Traveller data, the Australia Open attracted a 725% more flight, ground transport and hotel booking than the Boxing Day Test in 2023. This year tournament is estimated to over that by 21%.

For the 2024 Australian Open in Melbourne, the top proportion of booking from a single city came from Sydney 29% of total bookings followed by Canberra 2%,Perth 9%, Brisbane 16% and Adelaide 9% and outside Australia 14%..

The 2023 Australian Open also accumulated 73% more bookings than the AFL Grand Final and 56% more bookings than the Melbourne Cup Previous year.

Australians are left with lot of choices related ti summer sports with tennis, cricket,international sailing, events taking centre of attraction around the country from Boxing Day through January. One tournament nets more corporate travellers than any other.

This year, the most attractive international origin cities for Australian Open business, traveller bookings are Auckland, Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles, Doha, Christchurch and Wellington. The Australian Open is a winner for international corporate bookings.

Corporate Traveller had 89% more international bookings for Melbourne during the Australian Open than the Melbourne Cup 9% more than the Boxing Day Test in 2023 and 46% more than the AFL Grand Final.

Corporate Traveller Global Managing Director Tom Walley said ” These events ate also the perfect opportunity to blend business travel with leisure. With Melbourne being home to various sporting events, business travellers can network and host their clients while also offering tickets as an employee incentive”

“Many corporate travellers have booked fares well in advance to avoid holiday airfare price increases” he added


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