Items you should never leave in your vehicle in winter that cause exploding

People facing winter storm do not have to deal with winter weather but other things also. Experts have issued a warning about the goods you should never leave in your car you should be very careful.

In preparation of the chiller temperatures arriving drivers have been reminded to take careful step when it comes to safety of their cars.Some items should never be left in the car overnight when temperature are very low so they can end up very dangerous.

Leaving things unattended overnight when the weather is low could put your vehicle and health at danger like deodorants and medications. Below is a list you should not left in your car in extreme cold seasons.

Canned Beverages

Can liquid inside can expand and freeze, which could result in exploding, which could be harmful or really messy.

Ice Scraper and Brushers

Take your brushes and scrapers out of your vehicle before cold storm..

Your Meds

Your medicina can lose their effectiveness in extreme freezing temperatures. Leaving sunglass or glasses in your temperature can cause the lenses to contract and expand potentially damaging them.

Your Smartphone

According to Apple using an iPad or iphone in cold temperatures may shorten its battery life. It will return to normal life if it warms up. So in emergency you want your phone to work.


Canned foods can burst and eggs also can crack in extreme cold weather. so do not put them in car

Musical Instruments

Wooden instruments can even crack.Extreme weather could get them out of tune. Electronics such as laptops are vulnerable in the cold. The extreme low weather can disturb their lithium ion batteries so it is good to keep them out of car in winter.


Keeping deodorant in your vehicle during extreme weather is a danger. The can are pressurises and low temperatures can unstable them they can even cause explosions.

So What should you keep in your vehicle?

There are few items you should not keep in your car.

  • A phone charger
  • A blanket or gloves and coat
  • Water and snacks
  • First aid supplies
  • A flashlight with batteries

Jus winter cold can damage your car. To avoid damage or health danger alway remember to take items out of your car during the winter weather.

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