South Florida ready for Women’s History Month celebration

South Florida is abuzz with anticipation as Island Space Caribbean Museum in collaboration with Caribbean Professionals Network prepares to host its 3rd annual Womens History Month Celebration.

March 3rd Scheduled for Sunday from 2:30 to 5 pm the event promises an afternoon with upliftment and inspiration at the Island Space Caribbean Museum located at 8000 West Broward Blvd Suite 1202 Broward Mall.

A vibrant culture and empowerment

Guest can anticipate an engaging program design to empower.Live cultural performance will set stage, transporting attendees to heart of Caribbean

Influential Women speakers will share powerful messages shedding light on aspects of life play and work.

A community unites

Since its inception in 2022 this free community event has gained momentum attracting an increasing number of attendees.

What started gathering of 60 individual has blossomed with over 120 participants making presence in 2023.

Celebrating diversity at Island SPACE

As the cultural hub of South Florida Carribbean community Island Space Caribbean Museum stand as testament to the region rich heritage.

Women History Month Celebration visitors are encouraged to explore unique institution housing wealth of Caribbean narratives and artifacts.

Empowering narratives

The Women’s History Month Celebration boast a panel of women hailing from Caribbean offering insights into life myriad challenges.

Keynote address

Dr Solanges Vivens recipent of the Caribbean American Heritage Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship will deliver the address.


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