Shogun Episode 7 “A Stick of Time” Release Date and Time When Do New Episodes of Shogun Come Out?

Episode of Shogun ended with Toranaga finally announcing it was time for Crimson Sky that is battle. The FX show has been interesting from the Toranaga is playing a threatful game with other regents one that will either end in his death and those all favorite protagonists or with Toranaga getting the ultimate glory becoming Shogun.

Shogun is FX retelling of James Clavells best selling novel of same name. The story shows one John Blackthorne an English Protestant navigator who finds himself in Japan at pivotal historic time.

The Catholic European nations of Span and Portugal have Asian power trading wealth in a chokehold sparking tension between warlords who are not Catholic converts.

When Toranaga discovers that fellows regent have it out for him take any edge he can find. Blackthorne information give him that edge.

To one grab to Toranaga plan? In order to victory he got to win the help of his half brother Saeki Nobutatsu. Will the wily warlord pull this off?

We’all have to tune into Shogun Episode 7 A Stick of Time on FX and Hulu

How Many Episodes are in Shogun?

There are 10 episodes in total in Shogu. We are more than halfway through the season. Ten episodes of Shogun premiere on FX and Hulu

  • Episode 1: Anjin: Tuesday February 27
  • Episode 2 Servants of Two Masters Tuesday February 27
  • Episode 3 Tomorrow is Tomorrow Tuesday March 5
  • Episode 5 The Eightfold Fence Tuesday March 12
  • Episode 6 Ladies of the Willow World Tuesday March 12
  • Episode 7 A Stick of Time Tuesday April 2
  • Episode 8 The Abyss of Life Tuesday April 9
  • Episode 9 Crimson Sky Tuesday April 16
  • Episode 10 A Dream of a Dream Tuesday April 23

When Do New Episodes of Shogun Come Out?

Latest episodes of Shogun come out on Tuesdays on both FX and Hulu

Hulu subscribers can watch Shogun early on Tuesday while fans who tune in to the show on FX will have to wait until primetime.

When Does Shogun Air? Shogun Air Time:

How you can watch next episode of Shogun? Here is detail when you can watch Shogun Episode 7 on FX versus Hulu

Shogun Episode 7 A Stick of Time will premiere on FX at 10 PM ET on Tuesday April 2 per the FX schedule.

New episodes of Shogun are stream on Hulu at 12:00 AM ET every Tuesday. Shogun Episode 7 A Stick of Time will available to watch at midnight ET tonight.

When is the Next Episode of Shogun Coming Out on FX and Hulu? Shogun Episode 7 ” A Stick of Time” Release Date.

The title ” A Stick of Time” symbol to an incense stick that is quickly burns out. It a way to measure time.

The madam Gin brokered with Mariko for such a length of time with Toranaga last week.

How time is swiftly running out for Toranaga and his cohorts.


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