Pregnancy Test Strip in Pakistan

If you have missed periods,increased urination, morning sickness All these rapid changes in your body is symbol of pregnancy.Woman need a pregnancy after experiencing these type of early sign of pregnancy.In your mind rises a question Can you perform a pregnancy test at home?

Yes you can perform pregnancy test at home with pregnancy strip tool.

Pregnancy Test Strips- How it Function?

Pregnancy changes a lot of thing in woman body.Hormonal level is changes. During pregnancy level of HCG i.e. Hormone of Pregnancy increases which is visible in our blood and urine.Pregnancy strip detect it in Urine.After embryo places in Uterus the level of HCG rises rapidly.HCG hormone is highest between 8-11 week of pregnancy and detectabel after conceiving of 14 days.

Pregnancy Test with Strip is very easy and quick method to detect pregnancy in Urine. Anyone can perform this method at home.However HCG level in blood can be detected. Your doctor can take your blood sample.

How to do Pregnancy Tests Using Strip at Home?

First of all you have to purchase a pregnancy test strip from market.Pregnancy Test Strip Price in Pakistan is 30-35 Rupees currently.

1 Purchase Pregnancy Strips

These pregnancy strip are available in any pharmacy store.

2 Take the Sample

An early morning sample is good because HCG level is highest in morning.Collect urine in a neat container.

3 Perform the Test

After collecting the sample dip the strip in your urine sample. Your Urine Sample does not cross the line.

4 Result

After dip the strip in sample. Put the strip on a surface for few seconds and minutes.There will be lines show on strip after few minutes.

How does it appear

  • Double lines on the strip

It means your pregnancy test is positive. You need to talk to doctor.

  • Single line on the strip

It means your pregnancy test is negative. Try after few days if you feel some sign of early pregnancy

  • Double lines with one faint line

Your HCG level is too low. Try it after a few days.

  • No lines on the strip

Invalid test result. Repeat it once again.

5 Discard the Strip

After performing the test, strip make sure to discard properly.Because it is infectious now.

This is the above mentioned steps to perform pregnancy test at home.

How much does pregnancy urine test cost in Pakistan?

The price of pregnancy urine test vary from brand to brand in Pakistan

  • Bright Vision First Answer Pregnancy Test Strip cost Rs 70/Strip
  • Chughtai Lab Urine Pregnancy Test Cost is around Rs 1050-3000.

Can Urine Test Confirm Pregnancy

Yes Urine Test though Pregnancy Strip is accurate about 90%. It will give almost confirm result at home.

What Color is your urine when you are pregnant?

The urine color of pregnant women is changes from light yellow to dark yellow.

Can I feel Pregnant but test is negative?

Yes some time urine test is negative but you are still pregnant. Because your HCG level is too low so hormone is not detectable in urine.

Which Pregnancy test is perfect?

The Best Pregnancy Test is Urine test.

How do you confirm 100% pregnancy

There are three method to confirm 100% pregnancy

First and simple method is urine test. It can be done at home or hospital

Second and less use method is blood test. It is done by specialist doctor

Third method is Ultra Sound. It can be done by Ultra Sound Specialist.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

In most cases, home pregnancy test can detect levels of HCG around 10 days after successful implantation of an egg.

Can I take a Pregnancy test at night?

It is more chance that pregnancy test at night will be false. Because your urine is more diluted at night.


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