What are the types of Pregnancy?

There are various types of pregnancy.There are many reasons for different types of pregnancies including the severe condition of mother, various sperm fertilize the same egg, mother reproductive system.

8 Types of Pregnancy

The eight types of pregnancy include

1. Ectopic Pregnancy

  1. This type of pregnancy happen when fertilized egg implants at the neck of uterus or abdomen.
  2. This type of pregnancy ends in miscarriage.
  3. This type danger for life and require surgery.

2. Tubal Pregnancy

  1. This type of pregnancy occur when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube instead of uterus.
  2. This is one type of ectopic pregnancy.
  3. This type of pregnancy must be ended because it is life threatening.

3. Singlet Pregnancy

  1. In this pregnancy one egg meet one sperm and one baby develops.

4. Multiple Pregnancy

  1. This pregnancy happen when various eggs are fertilized at one time or when one egg is fertilized by one sperm that divides into two zygotes or when two sperms enter one egg.This type of pregnancy chances increase when fertility treatment is used.
  2. Identical twins occur when one egg divided into multiple zygotes.
  3. Fraternal twins are end result of various egg being fertilized.

5. Lupus Pregnancy

This is a pregnancy in which a mother autoimune disease lupus in which blood clotting occurs,

6. High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy with high complication are consider high risk. This is due to mother is suffering from diabetes,pregnancy with multiples,over 35 years of age, previous pregnancy complication.

7. Intrauterine Pregnancy

A typical pregnancy happen when the fetus implant inside the uterus and the placenta attaches to the uterine.

8. Molar Pregnancy

It occur due to placenta forming in the uterus without the help of fetus.The placenta is abnormal and the fetus has too many chromosome, fetus cannot grow safely and the end result is abortion.


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