Symptoms of Pregnancy in Pakistan: Am I Pregnant?

You can confirm your pregnancy by Urine or Blood Test. However there are early sign and symptoms which indicates that you are pregnant. Here i penned some major symptoms of early pregnancy.

Major signs of pregnancy

The most vital sign and symptoms of pregnancy include


Fatigue is one of the major sign of pregnancy.A huge increase in hormone progesterone during start in pregnancy contribute to tiredness.There is no clear cause of sleepiness in first trimester.

Swollen Breasts

Hormonal changes makes your breast sensitive and swollen after conceive.These changes in breast will decrease as your body adjust to hormonal changes

Missed Period

Missed period are early pregnancy symptoms.If a week has passed and your menstural cycle is not start. It might be symbol you are pregnant. However this can be wrong it also mean you have an irregular menstural cycle.

Urination Increase

The quantity of blood in your pregnancy increases which causes pregnant women kidney to process more fluid in your bladder.You might urinate more fluid.

Nausea with or without Vomitting

Nausea is early signs of pregnancy.Some women feel Nausea or some even did not feel.Pregnancy hormone play a role in Nausea and vomitting in pregnancy.

Hidden Pregnancy Signs


Cramping is very early signs of pregnancy 1 week.Some ladies feel uterine cramping during pregnancy.There is headaches during pregnancy.

Nasal Congestion

Increases bleeding during pregnancy production and hormone level causes membrane in your nose to dry out and bleed easily.This probably cause you to have a runny nose.


Pregnancy hormones make you unusually weepy. Mood swing is one signs of pregnancy.

constipation during pregnancy

Hormonal changes cause your digestive system which increases constipation.

Food Taste

Due to hormonal changes pregnant lady become more sensitive to food taste.


Hormonal changes during early pregnancy causes you to bloated.There is early pregnancy bleeding.

Light Spotting

pregnancy spotting is known as Implantation Bleeding.Implantation bleeding occurs when you have a menstural period. It happens after 10 to 14 days.There is yellow discharge during pregnancy.

How early do pregnancy signs first?

Some women feel pregnancy in first two weeks after conception. Some feel after pregnancy symptoms week by week.

Why do I think I’m pregnant?

When you miss your period it is a some sign that you are pregnant.

What is a false pregnancy?

false pregnancy means that women feel she is pregnant but test confirm she is not pregnant.

How late can a period be?

A period menstural cycle is around 21 to 35 days. A period is considered to be late if it does not occur in seven days after expected date.

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