Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs overcome errors as offense purrs

In Sunday games Kansas City Chiefs score 31 points which equals their second highest result of the season. Patrick Mahomes is overjoyed with this performance.

The Chiefs have unsuccessful in this year to equal their attacking strength from past season. Mahomes told that he had all the wisdom if the Chiefs cleaned up their matches as they did on Sunday, good things will automatically comes.

Mahomes told that after a 31-17 victory over the Los Vegas Raiders lead his team to 8-3. “We have shown that we can move the ball, but turnovers and drops and me not getting to the right guy at the right time (have limited the Chiefs offensively)”

Mahomes won his 15th career match after the Chiefs have trailed by 10 or extra points. His victory percentage of 58 in such matches is the best in NFL history.

The Chiefs had not emerge victorious after a two digit gap this season. They have ended on losing note after trailing biggest gap. Chiefs look in terrible situation when they were trailing 14-0 in the second quarter.

“Little things like that they have kind of stalled some of our drives. We kind of got back to the fundamentals this week and we kept pushing and pressing. We obviously took a move in the positive direction now. Let us continue to do that throughout the rest of the season “

Earlier Mahomes move the Chiefs on a 71 yard touchdown drive. The Chiefs up until that point had run seven plays and gained 13 yards.

Rashee Rice had 8 catches for 107 yards. He is the Chiefs wide receiver to went more 100 yards in a regular season match since Week 7 of previous year game. That continuous of 20 matches was the longest in the NFL.

Rice mega game was a 39 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter that assist break open at the nail biting match. Rice made the reception at the 35 and the rest of the game was him running after the catch.

Mahomes said about Rice ” I think we have only scratch the surface honestly.” He has a chance to be a great receiver in this league and we are going to continue to move him to be that receiver every single week.”

The Chiefs move on to point touchdowns on 3 of the next 4 possession to control the match. 2 of thoes touchdown move in 2nd half.

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