The Atlanta Falcons Ultimately ultimately came back to winning track on Sunday against the mighty New Orlean Saints. Running back Cordarelle Patterson had 8 carriers for 43 yards on Sunday and that is not the same point of production as Tyla Allgeier and Bijan Robinson clearly backbone of this swift rotation in Atlanta.

Head Coach Arthur Smith told to press to include Patterson more in offensive game plans because he provide the versatility 11th year experience player brings to the side.

Smith expressed “You saw a little bit in Tampa about where you saw him. He can play all over the place and it provides you another guy.”

Smith know that Robinson is his key player in the running game. He can hold the ball for entire service of a season and can not carry the ball 35 times a match. Patterson is the name who is the senior player in the league and can provide fresh legs to the side at crucial situation.

It is clear to see that Falcon attack is superb when Robinson provide good amount of touches.Now Falcons Plans to use him as the Falcons looks to gain some momentum in the winning track.

Smith told ” We did not have to go out there but if we desire to win need to win one on one outside he gives you that. And you chat about being fresh. Those are hard guys to tackle. So he will depending on the plan. But all these guys as we hopefully continue to get better they all be involved. “

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