Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Cast, Story, Timing

Muqaddar Ka Sitara is a 2023 Ary Digital Soap opera. Urdu Drama Muqaddar Ka Sitara with the star lead cast name Arez Ahmed and Fatima Effendi. The drama is penned by one of the Pakistan legendary writer Sadia Akhtar and directed by Saqib Zafar Khan. Most beautiful and talented Fatima Effendi is the heroine of television show. The tale of drama is full of entertainment, romance and emotions.

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Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Star Cast Name

  • Babar Ali
  • Nadia Khan
  • Inayat Khan
  • Fatima Effendi
  • Arez Ahmed
  • Salma Hassan
  • Sajeer Uddin
  • Laiba Khan
  • Rimsha Ahmed
  • Shaista Jabeen
  • Tania Hussain

muqaddar ka sitara timing

muqaddar ka sitara drama timing is every day at 7:00 Pm.

muqaddar ka sitara release date

muqaddar ka sitara release date is December 19, 2022.

muqaddar ka sitara novel

muqaddar ka sitara drama is based on urdu novel.

Arez Ahmed- Faizan

Arez Ahmed performed the character of Faizan as a Hero opposit Fatima Effendi in this show.Arezz Ahmed debut his acting career in 2017. He is a talented actor and perform the many positive and negative roles in various blockbuster hit dramas. Arez Ahmed got married to most popular actress Hiba Bukhari in 2022 in most amazing marriage ceremony. Arez Ahmed recent drama is muqaddar ka sitara ary. muqaddar ka sitara faizan real naem is Arez Ahmed.

Age 31 years

Spouse Hiba Bukhari

Debut Drama Bholi Banno-2017

Latest Drama Hangor-2022

Home Town Karachi

Fatima Effendi- Hadia

Fatima Effendi is a beautiful Pakistani drama actress and model. She performed the character of Hadia as a Heroine opposite Arez Ahmed, She acts in many blockbuster hit dramas with superb acting. Fatima debut the showbiz industry in 2001 with Chal jhooti drama. Fatima mother is also a renown drama actress. She got married in 2012 and Allah Blessed her with two sons. Her latest famous Tv serial was “Betiyaan” on Ary Channel.

Age 35 years

Debut Drama Chal Jhooti

Latest Drama Betiyaan

Home Town Karachi

Spouse Kanwar Arslan

Rimha Ahmed – Natasha

Rimha Ahmed is an emerging talented Pakistani drama actress.Rimha mother is famous drama actress Rashida Tabassum. Rimha debut her acting career in her childhood. She performed the character of sister of Arez Ahmed as Natasha. Natasha is performing the role in muqaddar ka sitara faizan sister.

Age 23 years

Home Town Karachi

Debut Drama Choti Si Zindagi

Latest Drama Dil e Momin

Marital Status Un married

Innayat Khan-Razi

Inayat starts his career in drama serial “Dil Lagi” with Humayun Saeed. He performed the character as Razi in serial Muqaddar Ka Sitara. There is a love triangle among Fatima, Arez and Inayat.Razi looks handsome in muqaddar ka sitara images.

Age 32 years

HomeTown Karachi

Latest Drama GT Road

Debut Drama De IJazat Jo Tu

Marital Status Married

Tania Hussain – Ramsha

Tania Hussain is an emerging star in Pakistan drama industry. She act as a role of Ramsha opposite Arez Ahmed. Her latest blockbuster hit dramas are “Badshah Begum’ and “Betiyan” in 2022. Tania mother is a Pakistani famous model Natasha Hussain. Nathasha is one of the most famous model of Pakistan fashion industry. Natasha debut in the Pakistani showbiz industry in 2019 and perform may lead role in hit tv serials.

Age 25 years

Debut Drama Log Kya Kahenge

Latest Drama Betiyaan

Marital Status Singel

HomeCity Karachi

Laiba Khan – Fizza

Laiba Khan performed the character of little sister of Fatima Effendi named Fizza. She debut her acting career in drama industry in 2018. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is her famous tv show. Eman Khan her sister is also an actress.

Age 26 years

Debut Drama Ishq Bepanah

Latest Drama Zindagi Aik Paheli

Home Town Karachi

Marital Statu Single

Nadia Hussain- Faizan Mother

Nadia Hussain is a most popular Pakistani drama actress, makeup artist and model. She performed the character of Arez Ahmed mother in this Urdu serial. She performed in many hit soap aperas. Nadia is performing in muqaddar ka sitara ary digital drama.

Age 43 years

Home Town Karachi

Spouse Atif Khan

Debut Drama Noor Bano

Latest Drama Bepanah

Babar Ali -Faizan Father

Babar Ali is most inspiring Pakistani drama actor and film artist. He performed the character of Faizan father in this television show. His recent drama is Weshi.

Age 50 years

Home Town Karachi

Debut Drama She Jee

Latest Drama Weham

Spouse Sadaf

Salma Hassan – Hadia Mother

Salma Hassan is a most talented Pakistani drama actress. She is act as a role of Fatima mother in this tv serial

Khalifa Sajiruddin – Hadia Father

Khalifa acts in many super hit dramas as a father. He performing the role of Hadia father in this tv soap opera.

Age 58 years

Home Town Karachi

Debut Drama Koe Apna Nahi

Latest Drama Ant ul Hayat

Marital Status Married

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Story

muqaddar ka sitara plot is eye catching. It represent the social evil of society. Fatima Effendi as a Hadiya is an educated girl. She will marriedArez Ahmed as Faizan is Safdar’s single child. Safdar is a rich person who lives in American. Due to poor upbringing Faizan becomes a notorious person. So he will behave very badly. Safdar forced Faizan to marry to his friend daughter Hadiya. Safdar thinking is that his son will be on right path if a good wife corrects him. What will come next. Marriage is not the solution of every thing.Hadia faces betrayal from her husband. Hadia keep silent on her husband family secrets. Hadia involve in love triangle. Hadia hubby suffers mental illness. Faizan is feeling identiy crisis. Faizan want to gain power dynamics from her father. Will Faizan Redempt from that incident.There is Economic disparity between Hadia and Faizan family. Hadia follow religion very strictly. Faizan is extremist in his view and enjoy the party club girl companies. Hadia and Faizan have Urban vs Rural divide. Haida cash with social injustice. Hadia raise a voice against cultural tradition, Patriarchy and its effect on her life.

muqaddar ka sitara drama writer

Sadia Akhta is the mind blowing writer of muqaddar ka sitara

muqaddar ka sitara drama director

Saqib Zafar Khan is the Director of Muqaddar Ka Sitara

muqaddar ka sitara first episode Review

In first Episode we see the Babar Ali son Areez society and friends are very bed people. Areez loves girl and enjoy their company. Babar Ali wife is very broad minded. She does not behave religiously. Babar Ali is an American return business man. Areez go to jail after breaking the traffic signal. Areez does not obey his father. Babar Ali was look very upset. On the other Babar Ali friend lives in Hyderabad. He has two daughters. One is teacher and other is study medical. Fatima Effendi run the charity school of Babar Ali. Fatima Effendi is very obedient and value his culture. Babar Ali wants his son to marry Fatima Effendi. Babar Ali wife opposes the decision and his son does not agree to him.Viewers can Watch muqaddar ka sitara full episode on ary digital. muqaddara ka sitara gana is very fabulous. muqadar ka sitara latest teaser is very superb.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Second Episode Review

In second episode Babar Ali nephew tells his mom that Babar want to shift the house to defense which his mother accept. On the other hand Babar daughter Natasha told him that she wants to marry David Christian boy. Babar and his wife totally oppose and reject this.Babar visit his sister home. Babar wife sheena is not behaving good there. Babar then vist Hyderabad with his nephew. His nephew attracts toward Fatima Effendi. Babar meet his friend Kaleem and his family. Kaleem ask whether he go back to America or not. Babar reply he will remain forever in Pakistan.Babar stay there for one night. Babar wife does not like his friend family and his sister family. Fatima Effendi and her sister talk each other and irritate each other.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Third Episode Review

In the third episode Babar tell her wife that he wnats her son to marry hadiya her friend daughter. His wife and children got angry. Babar wants her daughter to marry her sister son. She got angered. On the other hand Babar nephew tells Fatima as Hadiya that his family will come to her house talikng about marriage proposal. Hadiya agrees. So in the next episode thrill supsense will come.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Fourth Episode Review

In fourth episode Muqaddar Ka Sitara we see that Babar tells his sister that his son is addicted to drugs. Babar wants to marry his son with his friend daughter hadiya. His wife was not happy with this decision. Babar request his friend to marry her daughter with his son which he accept. On the other hand Babar nephew also wish to marry hadia. Areez mother tells him that he just marry to hadia for the sake of her father happiness time being. At the end Babar tells that in this house his order will be implement.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Fifth Episode Review

In episode five we see that Hadia was proposed by Babar nephew and they both fall in love. But Hadia engaged with the Areez on his parents will. Babar nephew was hurtfull and looks sad. Babar sister say hadia was not in their luck.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Sixth Episode Review

In sixth episode we see that Hadia is very sad that his fiance Areez did not call and meet him after engagement. Babar nephew see the card of Hadia marriage and seems to be very sad. Babar son Areez disrespect the hadia parents. Babar looks very sad on seeing that and says that he has done the biggest mistake to done the relationship of his son with hadia.Areez desire to take a revenge from haida and his father. Babar nephew also look sad and crying.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Seventh Episode Review

In seventh episode we see that Hadia parents were very worried about Hadia future after they meet with Areez. Babar satisfied them and tells don’ t worry Hadia is his daughter. Areez tells that Hadia will left the house in a few days. Babar nephew does not want to attend Hadia marriage because he does not want to face Haida. In the end he attends the marriage.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama 8 Episode Promo

In 8 Episode Haida confusion came to end. When she came to known that Areez is the real son of Babar as Safdar. She realize that she fall in love with wrong person which will not be her husband. That person she loves is the nephew of Babar as Safdar. She is very disappointed that she does not want to marry Areez which she does not love. Hadia mother slaps her and order her that she will now only marry Areez.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 9 Ary Digital Drama Promo

In next episode of muqaddar ka sitara Pakistan Ary Digital drama Hadia is very upset. She does not want to lose her love. Hadia mother says that she must forget her love and marry on her parents will. Ramsha Areez girlfriends promise that she will get a revenge from safdar and areez. Areez cousin advice him. Hadia father says that this marriage will be better decision for Hadia. Last scene Areez promise that he will make bitter condition for hadia after marriage.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 10 Ary Digital Drama Review

In episode 10 we see that Hadia was very sad. She said that her lover also live with her husband house. Rimsha friend call Areez as Faizan and said she has done the suicide attempt. Areez was worried. Areez does not want to marry Hadia and left the house. Razi call Hadia and fate want us to be one. Hadia was confused. Safdar told his sister that Razi will marry hadia instead of Areez after Areez ran away from the marriage. Areez mother tries to convince her son and she is very successful. She said that Razi will become the owner of Safdar wealth.Areez agree and turn his decision. Areez agree to marry Hadia for the sake of his father wealth. Razi is very sad in the end.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 11 Ary Digital Drama Promo

Safdar sister tells that her two children life were spoiled by Safdar. Ramsha Areez as Faizan girl friend express to her mother that Faizan marry only for some reason to Hadia. Safdar wife tells him that this marriage was forcefully done. Safdar daughter taunt Razi that he never become the son and son in law of Safdar. Razi reply and tells that if she will be the last girl in this world he will not marry her. Hadia mother in law forbade Hadia don’t tell anyone that Faizan is not come to your room last wedding night.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 12

Safdar and her wife argue that she must behave good with Aleem bhai father of Hadia. Razi sister said that Uncle Safdar cheated us. Areez as Faizan is very upset. Natasha daughter of Safdar was tell by mother that Mrs. Rahman come to see her for his doctor son. Faizan tells his friend that he want to meet Ramsha his girl friend and apologise. Faizan and Hadia look happy on Walima Ceremony. Faizan wants to give the gift to Hadia but don’t find. Hadia ask some query to Faizan to which he looks confused. Faizan at late night want cofee from Hadia. In Kitchen Hadia try to make a coffee Razi came and glass broken. Hadia is very fearful and confused. There is developing some relationship with Hadia and Faizan.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 13

In Muqaddar Ka Sitara Hadia mother is very upset with the future of her daughter. Safdar order his son Faizan to work under Razi. Faizan disobey her father. Natasha tells Razi dont spy her. Faizan tells Ramsha that he only love her. Hadia ask Faizan if he love another girl why he married to her. Hadia Mother in Law taunt Hadia.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 14

Areez sister say Hadia Bhabhi is more worry now. Hadia mother tell his husband that Safdar brother cheats him. Hadia mother in law is very angry to see Hadia parents at her home with out telling them. Faizan is very jealous to razi. Faizan wants separate office in his father business.

muqaddar ka Sitara Episode 15

Razi ask Hadia why she is crying. Hadia reply with anger that don’t interfere in her personal life. Razi is anger on her uncle Safdar. Ramsha said that Faizan is in her control. Razi left his uncle Safdar job and says that he don;t bear to lose self respect.

muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 16 3rd January 2023

Hadia sister tells her parents that hadia is going to Malaysia. Faizan tell her mother that if hadia is going with him he does not go to Malaysia. Hadia see the paint picture of her in Razi room. Hadia through the picture and said she hates the Razi. Celebrity like Fatima Effendi and other super Pakistani online celebrity provide the great entertainment to the viewers

muqaddar Ka Sitara Episode 17 4th January 2023 Entertainment

Celebrity Nadia tells her daughter in law Hadia that Faizan is forcefully married to her. Safdar is very upset with Nadia behaviour. Hadia is very upset flirt of her husband. On the other hand Safdar friend wants to engage her son with Hadia sister. Faizan tells to her wife if she get divorced what will happen to her parents. Celebrity Faizan, Razi, Safdar performances is very good.

muqaddar ka sitara episode 18 5th january 2023 Entertainment

Safdar daughter is very upset that her uncle wants to marry her son with hadia sister. Aleem Hadia father not want to marry her daughter. Safdar tells that everyone daughter is equal. Hadia threat that her silent is not her weakness.

muqaddar ka sitara episode 19 6th january 2023 Entertainment

Hadia tells her mother in law that her parents does not want to marry richest people. Faizan insult razi. Razi will drive the hadia to her parents home.

muqaddar ka sitara episode 20 7th January 2023 Entertainment

muqaddar ka sitara episode 21 8th January 2023 Entertainmet

Razi mother ask that he really loves Hadia. Hadia sister wishes that Hadia was married to Razi. Safdar wants to marry his daughter with her nephew Razi. Razi reject the proposal to her mother that he only loves Hadia

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