Weshi Drama Story, Cast, Timings, Writer, OST, Real Name

Weshi is a Pakistan Urdu novel drama. Hum Tv Pakistan show the drama in 2022. Washi Drama Story,Cast, Timing, Writer, director, produce, OST description is place below. The drama Weshi main role are played with Komal Mir as well as Kushal khan. 2022 Hum Tv is producing several interesting series that have amazing stories. Pakistani drama actors and actresses detail below. The drama is written and directed by Iqbal Hussain. The drama is very unique from othe typical drama. Hum Tv is presenting society goods and worse character in a very reasonable way through its drama. Weshi is a common story in our society which we listen and see very often in our surroundings.Overall its a brilliant script and wonderful performances of actors. This drama is produced under the umbrella of MD Productions by Momina Duraid.

Weshi drama Star Cast Pakistan

The Weshi drama consist of Pakistan’s most popular Tv actors and actresses. The lead role as a Heroine performed by Komal Meer who is known for her role as Badshah Begum and Benaam. Khushal Khan played the lead role in recent drama of Geo Tv Mushkil. Khushal Khan is one of the top actor in the field. The drama also feature a star senior actress Nadia Khan. In wehsi drama lead cast are Komal Meer, Khushal Khan, Sami Khan, Nadia Khan., Babar Ali. Other actors are lsted below

  • Subhan Awan
  • Taifoor Khan
  • Shamyl Khan
  • Abdullah Ejaz
  • Komail Anam
  • Robina Naz
  • Maryam Shafi
  • Robina Naz
  • Sadia Hayat
  • Ali Ammar
  • Tahir Imam
  • Tooba Ansari
  • Javeria Kamran

Komal Meer

Komal Meer is a beautiful Pakistani actress and model. She is a good addition of Pakistani showbiz industry. He starts her career as a model for fashion industry in 2017. She appeared on reality show Miss Veet Pakistan. She did not get her Final award.

Babar Ali

Babar Ali started his Tv career from Labaik drama in Ptv drama. He is most famous Pakistani films and dramas.

Khushal Khan

Kushal Khan is a most talented Pakistani actor. He play many lead roles in Pakistani dramas and Telefilms. Khushal Khan start his career as a model for fashion industry. Khushal Khan was born in Lahore.

Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan is a most popular multi talented, senior Pakistani Tv actor, Vlogger,presenter, presenter producer and actress. She is most of her television show “The Nadia Khan show”.

Timing of Wehshi Drama?

Weshi Drama timing is every Monday to Tuesday at 9:00 p.m and released on 29 August 2022.

Writer of Wehshi Drama?

Weshi Drama is written by Shumaila Zaki

Producer of Wehshi Drama?

Momina Duraid is given the Production and the Production Company is the MD Productions

Director of Wehshi Drama?

Iqbal Hussain is the Director of Weshi Drama

Wehshi Drama Story

Weshi Drama Story revolve around the Character of Khushal Khan as Asif’s. Asif father died at his childhood. His step father ill treat him. So Asif personality got suffer and he face numerous mental disorder and Psychology problem. So there is lot of suspense and twist in this drama.

Wehshi Lead Cast

There are huge talented and brilliant actors in Weshi drama who in the past surprise their viewers with their acting. Khushal khan is in the main role he perform superb in Mushkil drama.He is a mind blowing actor currently. Komal Meer is one of the finest actress of today time. Komal previous projects are Badshah Begum, Benaam, Wafa Be Mol. Sami Khan is also in the main role. Whose marvelous performances in Tv drama Pyar Deewangi Hai still remember by audience. Nadia Khan is performing a unique character who last perfom in Pechaan drama. Babar Ali also appear in this drama. He also perform in Whem drama.

3 Ways Weshi Pakistan drama is No.1 in 2022

There are three major reason Weshi drama is No.1 drama serial for Pakistan in 2022. Story, Cast and Background Team work such as direction, scripwriting are the main cause of Weshi drama blockbuster

01 Reason Weshi drama Story line

Weshi drama is a unique one. It revolve around the role of Khushal Khan. Kushal Khan is ill treated by his step father. He suffers complexity issue. Kushal take a revenge in future with his father and brother. His father is sole responsible for his failure in life. Story is presenting in a beautiful way.

02 Reason Weshi drama Cast

Weshi drama second reason to be hit is its cast. Khushal Khan, Komal Meer, Sami Khan, Babar Ali and Nadia Khan perform their role very enthusiastically. It looks like its a real story. They all perform very well in their capacity. Other supporting role is done wonderfully by other actors.

03 Reason Background Team Work

Third and final reason of Weshi drama to be superb hit is its background team work. Shumaila Zaki is the writer of drama. She writes the script very good manner. Momina Duraid as always give the best production. Iqbal Hussain gives the best direction. It is their work which gives the drama a boost and progress. Background team is unsung hero of this tv serial. Viewers have enjoyed this type of story.

Wehshi drama episode 34 Review.

In last episode we see that Asif is attracted towards his wife. Komal Meer character was proposed by Tahir which her husband saw him. He got angered and point the gun on Tahir. After few minutes he was calm down by Komal. She says to Tahir please go i dont want to see another set back in my life. On the other hand Asif was fired by his enemies. He was injured and taken into hospital. Komal as Doctor Sobia treat him very well. Sobia said to Asif that his life was saved by doctor sobia not sobia.

Wehshi drama second last episode 35 promo.

In next episode Asif brother that he was the real accused who has killed her mother. Tahir warn Asif don’t destroy own and Sobia family. Sobia asked Asif who he killed him. Victim was unknown may be the victim is Tahir. Because she was interfering too much in Sobia life. So Asif does not like that. Next episode will be thrilling, entertaining and full of suspense. We hope that Hum Tv will give a moral end to this story so viewers can learn from this sad story and don’t repeat such a huge mistake in their life.

Wehshi OST & Singer, No. 01 Music Lyrics in 2022

Wheshi dram OST is sung by singer Asrar Shah and Wardha Lodhi on Hum Tv Pakistan

Mei Aag Hoon

Ya Khak Hoon

Mei Hun Dhuwaan

Ya Rakh Hun

Toota H Dil

Bikhra H Dil

Sar e Asman Jalay

Jo Sitam Huye

Abhi Kam Huye

Mujhe Piar Na mile

Mujko Mere Dil Ne Roka

Dil Diya or mil gya dhoke

Kho Hum Khud me

Aisa Kia Hgya

Mujko Mere Dil ne roka

Dil dia or mil gia dhoka

Kho gaye hum Khud mein

Aisa Kia Ho gya

Har Dua mei Tujko manga

Par Tu naa mila

Teri Aahe

Takte Takte ban gya dil jala

Dil to duka h na

Par yad kia h na

Ansun meri Gawahi

Barbad Kia h na

Toota h dil

Bikhra h dil

Sar e Asman Jalay

Jo sitam huye

Abi Kam huye

Mujhe Pia na mile

Mujko mere dil ne roka

Dil Diya or mil gya dhoka

Kho ge hum Khud mei

Asa Kia hgya

Mujko mere dil ne roka

Dil dia or mil gya dhoka

Kho gye hum Khud mei

Aisa Kia ho gya

Kaatra Jee re hy

Bekhabar tu huye

De re ho jo itne ghum tum

Be asar ho gye

Ag lga degn

Jo tum na mile

Kash Khtm ho jae tere dil se ye

Toota h dil

Bikhra h dil

Sar e asman Jalay

Jo sitam huye

Abhi Kam huye

Mujhe Piar na mile

Mujko mere dil ne roka

Dil diya or mil gya dhoka

Kho gye hum khud mei

Asa Kia ho gya

Mujko mere dil ne roka

Dil diya or mil gya dhoka

Kho gye hum khud mei

Asa Kia ho gya


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