LEGO rose bouquet is Costco’s best sale item right now

The remarkable fandoms of both LEGO and Costco set social media spark this week. The sets have been in large stock in the Bay Area however selling out as rapidly as they have appeared.LEGO Icons Bouguet of Roses found at warehouse stores in North Carolina and Pennsylvania marked down to $44.99 from $55.99 retail price.

One of the latest entries in LEGO Icons line, these LEGO set seem handpicked for Valentine’s Day red blooms, a dozen glossy that all say that way, with fluffy puffs of baby breath. Item 1792245 as Costco calls the LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses is not available to purchase at Costco, com so shopping in store is the only way for members to get them at this price. You can purchase these LEGO roses from Walmart, Target and Amazon at full price.

lego flowers bouquet

At San Francisco Costco location theses items were sold out within 48 hours. In the Houston Area the Galleria Warehouse at 3836 Richmond Ave. Willowbrook Warehouse12405 North Gessner Road and Bunker Hill Warehouse at 1150 Bunker Hill Road reported LEGO rose bouquets in stock. In Seattle, the warehouse at 4401 Fourth Ave South had LEGO bouquets in stock.In West San Antonio Warehouse at 191 West Loop 1604 South, The North west Sant Antonio Warehouse at 5611 UTSA Boulevard bouquets on hand. The LEGO Icons Bouquets of Roses is available at LEGO stores, and retailers for $59.99.

The LEGO Icons Bouquet of Roses show a dozen red roses, including 4 in full bloom, 4 blooming and 4 in bud along with a small while flowers. The bouquet can be put in your favorite vase for a touch of elegant home decor. The set comes with separate instructions for the 3 flowering stages and makes for a best mindful solo project or bonding activity with loved ones to celebrate Valentines Day.

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Receiving a bouquet of fresh flower is exciting, except when the flower begin to wither after a couple of days. If you desire to gift some flowers for a special event, save this one for a kind florist that makes flower literally long lasting.

The Block Bouquets is unmatch with any florist in Singapore and they make custom LEGO flower bouquets, the first in the globe. These unique flower traits realistic flowers that are made from LEGO esque bricks.

The LEGO like bouquets are long lasting even down to the leaves and baby breath filler flowers use. You can keep them on display forever. Each Block Bouquet is assembled by hand and customisable from the colour, wrapping, ribbon. Flower option include roses, tulips daises, violets and others.

Prices for custom bouquets in singapore start from $23.90 with more good designs costing upto $99.

  • Rose Garden Bouquet $39.90
  • Pinky Promise Bouquet$59.90
  • Rose Garden Bouquet $39.90
jolly whale flower bouquet

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