GTA 6 news on release dates and pre order prices

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rapidly becoming the extraordinary game of history and it is still atleast 10 months before it is released.

It is no surprise given that Grand Theft Auto 5 was known as best game of last 10 years it release in 2013 and still famous with gamers today as Rockstar continues to release GTA Online updates.

Rockstar Games posted the trailer for it in early December after it was leaked online social media has been a place for leaks, news and theories when the game will come out when further details like trailers will be declared what will be in game itself and loads more.

One key theory is that Rockstar may narrowed down when exactly GTA 6 will be release in 2025 advertising for one year fixed term position.

Gamers are searching to find out as much as they can about the game as developer continues to build to what will be one of the mega gaming moments in history.

GTA 6 all has been confirmed by Rockstar is what is in trailer including that game is to be released at some points in 2025.

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